Makai Hongi – 104

Chapter 104

◎Wild Hunt – Lesser Demon King Yunus’s country – Nehyor

The reason that Nehyor became Lesser Demon King Melvis’s subordinate, was because he wanted to find out how he could evolve into an Elder.

At that time, all the surrounding countries had heard that Melvis had fallen into a deep and long sleep.

Nehyor had been willing to wait until Melvis awoke, but no matter how long he waited, Melvis showed no signs of waking up.
And so he decided to move on his own.

He went to King Melvis’s bed chamber.

Before Melvis fell into this deep sleep, he was known to destroy towns that he happened to dislike in the blink of an eye.
As for reasons…he would say that they were preparing to attack him…etcetera.

—He was merciless against those who opposed him. And he was quick to anger.

Those words described Melvis perfectly.
And so Nehyor’s actions could be considered as reckless.
Considering what he was attempting, he could hardly complain if Melvis turned him into ash in an instant.

“…Huh? I can’t get inside.”

Nehyor was stopped by a barrier that kept out any who tried to enter the bed chamber. And…

“On closer inspection…I’ve never seen anything like this before.”
What was this mysterious power that filled the room?

At that time, Nehyor had not understood it at all.

Melvis had once risen to the rank of Great Demon King.
But the curse from the residents of the Celestial World had made him fall very low. People who knew of his power from those old days could hardly believe it.

He barely had any mana left at all.
It was likely that the only reason he remained a Lesser Demon King, was because he had once been so incredibly great.

“But a barrier that is this powerful…”

Eventually, Nehyor would realize it.
The barrier that surrounded Melvis’s bed chamber…was using power with the holy attribute.

“So even when he falls, he uses it to his advantage. Only an Elder Vampire would be able to use the power of the curse that was cast on him.”

But Nehyor wanted to enter Melvis’s chamber no matter what. And after much research, he came upon the truth that it was holy magic.

Well, it wasn’t pure holy magic, as it was utilizing the curse that was inside of Melvis’s body. So it had changed quite a lot.

“The curse is made of holy power, and it’s weakened Melvis’s own power… Perhaps they offset each other.”

That was Nehyor’s conclusion based on the fact that the holy power was still inside of his body.

In any case, Nehyor had no way of breaking through it.

“I will just have to give up.”

And so Nehyor was forced to lie low until Melvis awoke.

He was a Vampire, and had already lived for so long.
Another decade or even hundreds of years was nothing to him.

He moved towards his skewered comrades and tried touching the spear of light.
He felt the texture of the power.

“The strength of this holy power… Is decent enough.”
It was much weaker than Melvis’s, he thought to himself.

“Bastard. You have seen holy power before?”
Fassani looked at him with surprise. However, Nehyor’s mind had already gone elsewhere.

What if he captured Fassani, questioned him, and forced him to tell him all about holy power? Such were his ominous thoughts.

“Why are you laughing?”
A blue vein popped out on Fassani’s forehead as he saw that Nehyor was chuckling to himself.

“The rest of you, kill the other knights. This one is mine.”

He said, pointing straight at the enraged Fassani.

“My king said that you were dangerous. No amount of begging will tempt us to let you live.”
Apparently, they knew all about Nehyor’s recent deeds in the countries of Lesser Demon Kings.

Of course, Nehyor had no intention of hiding them. If anything, he wanted to attract as much attention as possible, so it was no surprise that rumors were spreading.

As Nehyor gave the order, the members of the Wild Hunt began to move.
They immediately clashed with Fassani’s men.

He was suddenly covered in holy power, and Nehyor felt his body weaken.
Fassani had attacked him.

This was followed by a chain of spear thrusts that he was also unable to dodge. Blood began to pour from the wound in his stomach.
Fassani was targeting his torso, since it was easier to hit and guaranteed to deal damage.

(So this is the power of someone from the Celestial World…it’s worse than I was expecting.)

Nehyor had to defeat someone from the Celestial World who was just as strong as a Demon King.
That would not happen for a while. He did not have enough power.

All of the attacks of a Celestial World resident were poison to a Demon World resident.

(On the other hand, they are not supposed to be able to move when they come down here.)

Because mana was poison to them.
It was said that it ate away at their insides if they just breathed it in.

And so residents of the Celestial World were only able to invade the Demon World by making barriers and using them as their base.

However, people like Fassani were the exception. As they had rejected holy power and chosen to live by taking the mana into their bodies.

But what made them so dangerous, was that when an Angel fell, they could still use attacks that contained a little holy power.

(I thought it would be good practice for fighting against residents of the Celestial World, but this is going to be harder than I thought.)

It was then that Nehyor was really hit by the reality that he would have to become much stronger in order to beat someone who was the same class as a Demon King.

As for the fight, while he struggled due to his unfamiliarity with holy attacks, Nehyor had already destroyed several Lesser Demon Kings at this point, and he was victorious in the end.

Although Lesser Demon King was said to be wise, even he would not have suspected that Nehyor’s power outstripped those of a Lesser Demon King to this degree.

“…So, that’s it.”

Neyhor turned to Fassani with a smile, after taking away both his arms and his legs.

“Now, will you tell me everything I want to know about the Celestial World? Give me information about the strong ones.”

When Fassani failed to return, Lesser Demon King Yunus greatly regretted how he had underestimated his enemy.

At the same time, he branded the Wild Hunt as a threat of the highest level, and had the news spread far and wide.

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