Makai Hongi – 230

Chapter 230

“I thought that I lost them, but they were following.”
General Farneze said with annoyance.

“Uh, they’re just voices?”
I couldn’t see anything. But there were voices saying ominous things.

“King Melvis’s Adjutants, Jikae and Manny are close by. They awoke at the same time.”
“I see. How very loyal of them.”

It wasn’t something that anyone would do.
However, why were they talking about killing?

“When I told them that I was awake while they slept, they called me a coward.”
So they were angry.

“The weak do not belong here. And they attacked me, saying that my death would make up for it.”
“I see.”
It was quite self-indulgent.

“Hey, they sure do talk a lot.”
“They do.”

“So let’s just kill them.”
“Yes, let’s kill them.”

I understood what was happening now. While I couldn’t see them, there were two people called Jikae and Manny here, and they were going to attack.
Why was it that fights would always erupt wherever I went? Well, it was the Demon World, after all.

“So, are you alright, General Farneze? Can you win?”
“If it was just one, I would be able to manage. But two would make things dangerous.”

General Farneze was a high-ranking Vampire.
And she was one of the strongest.

But she was still only equal to one of them. They must be really strong then.

“Alright, I’ll take on the other one.”
“Are you sure? It won’t be an easy fight.”

“Well, I’ll just consider it part of my training then.”
General Farneze chuckled at this, and then made up her mind.

“Then let’s show them. In fact, you have my permission to kill. And don’t even worry about collateral damage.”
“That will make things easier.”

I was wearing my armor. And I had my shield and weapons. Yes, I should be able to do this.
I looked around me.

I could not see them, and had no idea where they were. I couldn’t even sense their mana.

It was just like how you couldn’t see someone’s mana when they were behind a wall.

So, what about their presence? I tried searching for it, but could find nothing.
There were apparently two of them, but I doubted they were standing right next to each other. Where could they be?

“He’s looking for us.”
“Yes, he is.”

I tried swinging the hexagonal club in the direction of the sounds. It cut through air. There was nothing.
And I had struck without a second’s delay when I heard the voices.

(…Either they are not standing in the spot that the voices come from, or objects can move through their bodies?)
But there was no way that it was possible.

Besides, the club was charged with lots of mana, so would be strong enough to kill a Ghost in one hit.
They must be using some kind of trick to make their voices heard in different places.

Just then, General Farneze was hit with an attack. Blood splattered.
But Vampires recovered quickly from small wounds.

The General hit back, but there was nothing there.
However, I had seen her hit something. So it wasn’t as if our attacks couldn’t reach them.

“General. What race are they?”
“They are called the Eternal Invisibles. No one has ever seen them.”

So they are an eternally invisible race.
Judging by their name, they weren’t using a special ability in order to hide themselves.

But what about the trick with their voices and hiding their presence? Were those special abilities?
I somehow doubted it.

As for why they were invisible, perhaps it was like active camouflage, where they were projecting the background in the front, or they were changing their colors like chameleons.

I felt a shift in the air, and moved out of the way.

“He dodged.”
“He did.”

I learned one thing. They could cut through the air, so they had bodies.
And the voice I had immediately heard was quite far from the direction that I had been attacked.

Clearly, their voice and position were not matching.
Were they throwing their voices?

(…No, refraction?)

Appearance and voice were light and sound.
Could they be refracting light and sound in order to hide what is there?

After all, General Farneze was struggling.
She was actively launching her attacks, but she didn’t know where the enemy was standing.

(If you can’t see them with your eyes, then use…your Mind’s Eye!)
That being said, I had no such thing.

And so I sent mana throughout my body and closed my eyes.

General Farneze was fighting with the enemy.

I could only sense her presence.
As for sound…I could hear the sound of her being hit and blocking attacks.

I couldn’t hear any.

No, I could. And it was getting close.

I swung the hexagonal club and felt the impact.

“It hit me.”
“It did.”


“Yes, luck.”

I had been able to tell that someone was moving towards me from where the General stood.
The reason that I wasn’t being attacked as much, was because they had both been targeting her at first.

However, they had been attacking me every now and then so that we wouldn’t be able to tell.
But I had it figured out now.

They knew how strong General Farneze was.
And so they had to fight her together.

“In that case, once again.”
I searched for their presence again and perked up my ears.


Behind me, to the right. The sound of cutting air.
I ducked and then swung the club where its feet should be.


I felt it hit something hard.
And there was the sound of something flying back.

“It hit me.”
“It did.”

“It looks like it wasn’t luck.”
“It wasn’t luck.”

“This is dangerous.”
“Yes, it’s dangerous.”

“Let’s kill this one first.”
“Yes, kill him first.”

So they had decided to target me now.
But unlike the General, I was not able to heal myself. If I got hit badly, it would all be over.

Now, how could I get myself out of this one?
I tried to think.

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