My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 17

I Realized That I Didn’t Have Clothes Or Personal Effects

I should prepare before going down to eat breakfast. Like washing up.
But first, I need to get Leo away from Telura… She did not seem like she wanted to separate from Leo, but I didn’t want her here while I was getting ready.
While I wasn’t going to do anything strange, it was a little embarrassing to have someone in the room, even if they were a child.
Besides, there was nothing more boring than seeing a man prepare himself in the morning.

“Tilura. Everyone is going to eat breakfast now. If you stay here with Leo, neither of you will be able to eat.”
“…That’s…not good. I am hungry as well.”
“Yes. So, why don’t we all eat first? And then we can go out in the garden and play. Your sister already gave her permission.”
“Is that true, sister?!”
“Yes. But only if you eat your breakfast first.”
“Very well. I will go and eat at once!”

Once she understood that she could play with Leo after breakfast, Tilura moved away and dashed out of the room.

“Tilura. She is such a… I really did not expect her to become so fond of your Leo. I’m really sorry, to both of you.”
“No, it’s fine. It’s good to see a child so full of energy. Besides, I’ve seen worse.”
“Wuff. Wuff.”

Leo nodded as if in agreement.
Now that I thought of it, there was something very clever about the way she nodded now.
Was it because she was a Silver Fenrir?

“Well, I’ll leave you alone now, Mr. Takumi. We’ll be waiting for you in the drawing room.”
“Yes, I’ll go as soon as I’m ready.”

I watched as Ms. Claire left the room, and then I got out of the bed in order to get ready for the day.
That being said, I didn’t have anything to change into.
I patted Leo on the head and thought about what I should do. But there really wasn’t anything that I could do.

“Sniff…sniff… At least I don’t…smell…right?”
“Wuff? …Wuff…wou!”

Leo sniffed me as well, and seemed to agree that I was fine.
…But while Leo would definitely have a sharp sense of smell, there was no guarantee that her idea of stench was similar enough to humans.
In any case, even if this was fine for today. What should I do tomorrow…
I could not continue to wear the same clothes every day.
I suppose I could discuss the matter with Sebastian later…

“I hope there is something that I can wear…”

I was about the same height as Sebastian, so maybe he would lend me some of his clothes?
But what if he only has butler uniforms… It’s not that I didn’t want to wear them, it was just difficult to imagine what I would look like.
Regardless, I decided to stop thinking about clothes and wash my face instead.
Someone must have changed it while I was sleeping, as there was a new basin of hot water and a towel next to my bed. And so I washed my face and wiped my body with it.

“I suppose Ms. Lyra prepared it? Or maybe it was Ms. Claire, who woke me up… I’ll have to thank her later.”

I wanted to shave as well, but there were no razors in the room.
That was another thing that I would have to ask Sebastian about.
If this world really was at a similar level to medieval European culture, then there would be no electric shavers or cartridge razors. But they would still have something to shave with.

“Well, I’m sure it will work out. …Besides, it might be amusing to just grow out a beard. I could look quite dandy…”
“…Wuff… Wuff, wuff.”

Leo sounded like she was telling me that this would be a bad idea.
Or maybe it was just my imagination.
…A dandy man with a beard…perhaps that isn’t me…my coworkers always said that I looked young for my age… Ha…

“Oh, I shouldn’t keep them waiting.”

I did my best to look presentable and then I left the room with Leo.
As Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda were waiting right outside of the room, I said good morning and then followed them to the drawing room.
I had been quite surprised to see them standing there in front of the wall…
Was it really necessary to be this orderly?
Also, the reason why they took me to the same drawing room as yesterday, was because I still didn’t know my way around the mansion.
The place was so big, so I didn’t even know how to reach it from my room.
The only thing I had memorised was the location of the bathroom.
And so I stopped there once before going to the drawing room.
Though, I felt bad for keeping Ms. Lyra and Ms. Gelda waiting.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.”
“Good morning, Mr. Takumi.”
“Mr. Takumi! Good morning! Good morning, Leo!”
“Good morning. Good morning, Sebastian.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Good morning, Mr. Takumi. I hope you were able to sleep well last night?”
“Yes, thank you for letting me sleep in such a big room with a great bed.”

Ms. Claire and Tilura were already sitting at the table and waiting for my arrival.
Tilura looked like she couldn’t wait to eat… Had I taken longer than I thought?
Sebastian and the two maids were waiting at the back of the table.
And so after greeting everyone, I took a seat.
Leo sat down next to me on the ground.
Still, her head loomed over the table, and so she would have no trouble eating from it. That was how big she was.
And on the table, bread, salad, sausages and other meats had been prepared, along with soup.
Of course, there was an especially large plate of sausages for Leo.
…It was quite the sumptuous breakfast.
When it was just me and Leo, breakfast was cheap bread and milk or occasionally cereal and milk.
And if I didn’t have time, I would eat some kind of protein bar with an energy drink.

“So, now that everyone is here, let’s eat.”
“Itadakimasu(Let’s eat.)”

While I put my hands together and said ‘itadakimasu,’ no one else did anything like that.
I suppose it was not part of Ms. Claire and Tilura’s culture.
I didn’t know what kind of religion they had in this world, but they didn’t offer any prayers to god like they do in other countries… Well, this was another world, after all.
And so everyone’s hands stretched out and we began to eat.
Leo’s head moved forward and she bit into the sausages hungrily.
I picked up a fork and reached for the salad first.
It was important to eat your vegetables.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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