My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 18

We All Ate Breakfast Together

“This salad is very delicious.”
“Hehe. I’m glad that you enjoy it.”
“The soup is good too, Mr. Takumi!”
“Wuff, wuff… Guff, guff!”

It was a green vegetable salad.
Because it was morning, the salad dressing was mild, and went well with bread as well.
As for the soup that Tilura recommended, it contained meat but was also light and easy to eat.
I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten such a good breakfast…

“Leo. I think you’re eating a little too quickly. No one is going to take it away, so slow down.”
“Leo sure eats a lot.”
“And with such speed!”
“Guff-guff… Wou?”

Leo realized that everyone was looking at her, and so she tilted her head questioningly.
…It was so cute… Well, it seemed like Ms. Claire didn’t mind, so I suppose she could continue eating like that.

“Ah, Sebastian. Can I have a word with you?”
“Yes. What is it?”

I thought that it might be bad manners to talk to him while eating, and so I called out to him after I had finished.
While I had eaten quickly, this breakfast was just as good as last night’s dinner.
I gestured for Sebastian to come, and then whispered near his ear as he leaned forward.

“Um, do you have any extra clothes that I can borrow? I came here without bringing anything…”
“I’m terribly sorry for not noticing that earlier. A change of clothes… If you don’t mind it being the same size as me, I can prepare something.”
“Thank you. Also, I would like to shave…”
“That can be prepared as well. I will have everything brought to your room later.”
“Thank you very much.”

I was especially quiet when talking about shaving.
It wasn’t something that you talked about in front of ladies.
Well, it was mostly because I felt embarrassed about the whole thing.
Once we were finished talking, Sebastian went over to Ms. Lyra, and whispered something to her. She then left the room.
…Ah, so now the information went to her…

“Mr. Takumi. What were you and Sebastian talking about?”
“Uh… I just had something to discuss with regards to my clothes.”
“I see. Sebastian and Lyra are wonderful at what they do. So you must consult them if you ever need anything.”
“Yes. …Is Ms. Gelda any different?”
“Gelda is still new here, so we’ll just say that I hope for the best. Hehe.”
“I will exert myself to the utmost!”

Ms. Gelda seemed almost a little too excited.
But if that’s how she felt, I didn’t see any reason to dampen her enthusiasm.
Though, being so nervous could lead to making more mistakes…
Well, there was no point in thinking about that right now.

“Sister, I finished eating! Now I can play with Leo!”
“Tilura, you really should calm down.”
“…I’m sorry.”
“Hahaha. Sorry, Tilura. But Leo is still eating. Could you wait just a little longer?”
“Yes, I understand!”

Tilura looked a little disappointed after she was scolded by her sister, but she waited patiently after I asked her to.
She just watched Leo eating and grinned.

“…Do you have any siblings, Mr. Takumi?”
“Huh? Oh, I’ve always wanted brothers or sisters, but never had any.”
“I see.. But you seem to be accustomed to dealing with children.”
“Hahaha. That is probably because of Leo.”
“Because of Leo?”
“Yes. I was so busy with work…that I wasn’t able to pay her enough attention. But whenever I did take her out, children from the neighborhood would approach her.”
“Indeed, so that is why.”
“And so I got used to having them around while they played with Leo. And Leo always enjoyed playing with them.”

Children could be so energetic.
But Leo was always able to keep up with them. I had a little more trouble there, and so I suppose I had to learn how to deal with children.
Like make them chase after Leo instead of me, or how to make them calm down.
Now that I thought about it, there was one girl who had been especially fond of Leo. I wonder what she’s doing now?
Perhaps it wasn’t just me, and Leo missed the people from our world.
That girl had been a similar age to Tilura, and had been similarly obsessed with playing with Leo.

“Oh, are you finished eating?”
“Leo finished eating!”

The plate that had been filled with sausages was now licked clean.
As if to take a break after finishing the sausages, Leo drank from a bucket that was filled with milk and then let out a sigh.
…Leo, that’s not very lady-like, is it?
Well, perhaps it was found in the world of wolves and dogs.

“Ms. Claire. Will it be all right for Leo and Tilura to go out and play now?”
“Yes, I don’t mind. Now, Tilura. Let’s go to the back garden.”
“Ah, Ms. Claire.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“Could I leave Leo with you for a short while? I need to return to my room once. It concerns the matter I discussed with Sebastian…”
“Very well. Leo. Do you mind being away from Mr. Takumi?”
“Wuff? …Wou!”

Leo looked very satisfied after eating until she was full. She looked a little surprised that Ms. Claire was addressing her, but then she nodded as if in reply.

“Well, see you later then, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes. I’ll go to the garden later.”
“Let’s go, Leo!”

And so Ms. Claire, Leo, and Tilura, who was hanging onto Leo’s back, left the room.

“Ah, Ms. Gelda, please wait.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“…I’m very sorry, but could you take me to my room?”
“Very well.”

I stopped Ms. Gelda as she made to follow the others, and asked her to take me back to my room.
…Because I still wasn’t confident that I could get back… And getting lost would be more embarrassing than anything.
And so Sebastian went with Ms. Claire and the others while Ms. Gelda and I went to my room.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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