Makai Hongi – 231

Chapter 231

The Eternal Invisibles.
Little was known about them.
Except for that they were invisible, and that their voices did not betray their current position.

But judging from the way it felt when hitting them, they weren’t specialized for defense.
After all, one had gone flying off in just a single hit.

And they had felt weak to the touch. Brittle.
When hitting someone tough, it often felt like you were punching a boulder.

(However, they are Melvis’s Adjutants. They must be considerably stronger than your average high-ranker.)

“This one is arrogant.”
“He is so arrogant.”

“Let’s kill him together.”
“Yes, let’s kill him.”

Jikae and Manny had made me their next target.
Their attacks moved from General Farneze to me.

And so I analyzed their combat style as much as I could.

(They always attack from the back.)
They did not stand in the front.

If you wanted to hit someone, it was best to hit them from a direction where they couldn’t launch a counter attack.
(What was the point in attacking from the front when they couldn’t even see you?)

People who were invisible would always attack from the back.
It was effective yes, but that was it.

I concentrated on what was behind me and perked up my ears.
But I couldn’t hear any footsteps…no, I heard something.

The sound of something cutting through the air. It was an attack from above!

I swung upwards with the hexagonal club, blocking the attack, and then I slammed the assailant with a chain of attacks.
Then I continued as if it were part of a combo.

Still, I was only able to hit the enemy twice.
They blocked the third and dodged the fourth.

“He has good instincts.”
“And he can’t even see us.”

I heard the cautious voices.
Apparently, these two had woken up after hundreds of years of sleep. But I guess no one was using the same moves as me back then.

Every time there was an attack, I detected it and counterattacked.
Counters put me on edge, but it wasn’t too hard if you knew the right timing.

It didn’t matter what martial arts it was, there were always techniques involving parrying and counter attacks.
I was very much accustomed to all of this…if only I wasn’t fighting against two enemies at once.

“He’s tough.”

When it was two against one, I couldn’t help but be hit every now and then.
If this continued, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate, and it would be more difficult to counter.

(Just a little bit more.)
I was starting to be able to see… Well, not really. But I now understood the timing for the attack. Finally.


I managed to hit them. It was proof that my technique was working.

And my suspicion proved to be accurate.
They were not strong against attacks.

I had the feeling that they were very slender. After all, they had gone flying after being hit.
And they wouldn’t be that tall either.
That was why they were hard to hit.

As I was starting to be able to read the timing, I could hit them at the same time that they hit me.
My body was tougher than theirs, and so it was like a test of endurance.

After repeating this over and over again, I got used to it.

“I hit first.”
Finally, I was able to hit them before they hit me.

Just as I thought the attack was about to come, I was able to react.
In other words, I was able to attack before their attack hit me.

“Now, time for some payback.”

Jikae and Manny continued to attack me from behind like idiots.
They thought it was the best way, and seemed to have no intention of breaking the pattern.

But it was easy to deal with someone if you know where they were coming from.
I could detect the sounds and react. In other words…

“Huh? I can’t hit him anymore.”
“Neither can I.”

However, I could hit them.

“Let’s go.”
While I had taken quite a bit of damage at this point, I could still fight.

I didn’t know which one was Jikae and which was Manny, but one of them was stabbing me with a drill-like, sharp arm. And the other was attacking me with arms like a clamp.

One attack would make holes in me, and the other would crush.
That is…if they reached me.

I heard General Farneze’s voice.

“I’m fine. But… Could you deal with this one?”
I kicked the air where I thought one of them was standing.

I felt something hit my foot. The enemy had probably rolled over to where the General was.

“You can see them!?”
“I can’t. But I broke its arm. I had an idea of where it was.”

“I see. …In that case, I gladly accept this offering.”
The General’s irises narrowed. Was she serious now?

In fact, I hadn’t even known that Vampire eyes could do that. They were like a crocodile.
Her eyes were usually quite normal…

There wasn’t much to say after that.
Both the General and I were able to fight the Eternal Invisibles on equal footing.

That being said, it was only because General Farneze had ridiculous healing ability, and I was now able to read their movements.

In the General’s case, she was practically unharmed, and so it seemed like she was in a very one-sided battle.

And while I felt that I should be able to do a decent amount of damage when I charged my attacks with mana, the enemy’s durability exceeded my attacks.
We fought for quite some time, but I was unable to gain the upper hand, and we remained in a deadlock.

(If this continues, things will only get worse for me.)

I couldn’t see the enemy, so I had no idea how much damage I was doing.
It felt like being lost in the desert. Not that that had ever happened to me.

My opponent showed no signs of attacking.

I waited for a moment, but nothing changed.
(Had he escaped?)

“They seem to have run away.”
Apparently, it was the same with General Farneze.

“Do you think they will wait until our guard is down?”
“They probably realized that it would continue to be a stalemate. There is no point in fighting.”

“No point? …Ah, do you mean that they lost their spirit?”

“Yes. After all, they had claimed that I wasn’t worthy of serving King Melvis. But seeing as they’ve run away, I take it to mean they believe I am worthy now.”
The General said with a chuckle.

I see.
If General Farneze wasn’t worthy, then no one was.

And so they must have just given up.
But that was rather spineless of them.

“This isn’t the most satisfying ending to a fight.”
They just ran away and then it was over. What the hell were they trying to do?

“Well, we can’t chase after them, much less find them. That’s one way to fight.”
“I see. In that case, I’ll make sure that they won’t be able to fight next time.”
I could target their legs and break them.

“I’m glad to hear that… By the way, you came here to see me?”
“I nearly forgot why I came here. But it really isn’t that important.”

I caught my breath before continuing.

“Demon King Tralzard gave me permission to return. And so I have. My men are still on their way, and I just thought that I should let you know.”
Yes, I had wanted to tell the General of my return.

“I see. As soon as the others return, you may disband the corps.”
“Thank you.”

Now my mission was complete.

“So, Golan. What will you do now?”
“I haven’t decided yet. But I want to return to my village and rest.”
It was important to recuperate.

“Indeed. As before, you will be working under me. Of course, now that King Melvis is awake, things will likely change within the army. Who knows what will happen. But you can rest for now.”

I was officially allowed to rest.

Alright, time to return to my life of eating and sleeping in the village.

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  1. “Alright, time to return to my life of eating and sleeping in the village.”
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