My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 491

Tilura fought for the first time

“Gyuo!? Gyuuaaa!!”
“I won’t let you! Hyah!”

The orc was angry after being cut, and so it raised its left arm defiantly. But upon seeing this, Tilura swiftly swung down with her sword, cutting off the orc’s arm at the elbow.
It was the easiest attack for Tilura, and since the orc had stopped, it was probably not too hard to cut through the arm.

“Gyuaa! Gyuo, gyuo!”
“I will end it now!”
“Gyu!? Gyuu…gyu…”
“Ah!? Oh…oommph…hmmp!”

After losing its arm, the orc was surprised by the pain, and then seemed confused.
Realizing that victory was hers, Tilura held her blade in a backhand grip, and stabbed the orc in the stomach.
And while the orc flapped its arms around, it lost the rest of its strength before it could hit Tilura. The light left its eyes as it crumbled to the ground.

As the sword was too deep, Tilura could not pull it out in time, and so she followed it to the ground.
It was no wonder, as she did not let go of the sword.
She had tried to hold her ground, but the orc was too heavy, and her face fell on the orc’s stomach.
She probably hit her nose… Well, I’m sure she was fine, as the orc looked soft.

“Wuff-wuff. Wou!”
“Ah, good Leo… I did it, didn’t I…?”

Now that it was clear that the orc was defeated, Leo came running back to Tilura.
She then barked happily while running in a circle.
Tilura raised her head and pulled the sword out from the orc. Even she seemed almost puzzled by what she had done.
I suppose it was because she had been so nervous.

“I did it! I defeated the orc!”

She then got down from the orc and shouted excitedly with Leo.
It was a little dangerous that she didn’t sheath her sword again, but I suppose it was fine since Leo was with her…

“Mr. Takumi. What did you think about the last part?”

Asked Mr. Ekenhart.
Apparently, he had felt the same way as me.

“…Indeed. Yes. While the orc had died, if the wound was not as deep, or the orc was stronger, it could have hit or grabbed her with its right hand.”
“Mmm. She was good up until that point, but…”
“Well, it was her first fight, so she probably panicked a little. And wanted to end it quickly…”
“But she is happy now. So even if you have to warn her…perhaps it could be done later…”
“…Yes. I will let her enjoy her victory for now. I can talk to her later.”

Yes, while Tillura had tried to end the orc quickly by stabbing its stomach, she was so close to it that it could have unleashed a final attack.
If you want to finish it off, you should make sure that it can’t be countered. She had been told this many times during her training, but must have forgotten.

Mr. Ekenhart looked conflicted, while he wanted to be strict, as a father, he also wanted to celebrate with his daughter.
Once he decided to put it off, his expression relaxed, and he smiled while watching Leo and Tilura.
As for Ms. Claire, she was also watching Tilura with a smile.

“Father, sister, Mr. Takumi. I did it!”
“Yes, yes. You did. Well done, Tilura!”
“Yes, that was impressive.”
“You fought well, Tilura.”

After celebrating with Leo, Tilura then rushed towards us and made her report.
We all smiled and praised her.
Well, as I was a fellow student under Mr. Ekenhart, I was in no position to say anything, but I was still happy for her.

“Tilura, did you get hurt at all? It looked like you dodged the attack, but…”
“Yes, I’m fine, sister! I didn’t get hit at all!”
“You dodged it perfectly, Tilura. Neither I nor Mr. Takumi could have done it like that. You made good use of your size. Well, you won’t be able to do it eventually, but…”

Ms. Claire wiped the blood from Tilura’s face and sighed with relief.
She really had been worried about her sister after all.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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