My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 490

Leo defeated the orc quickly

As Tilura’s sword was small, it would not be able to cut off an orc’s leg easily like mine. However, it could still injure an orc and slow it down.
Well, we didn’t even know if the orc really would come charging…
While the previous orc that had been lured here had been furious, since they knew that Tilura was facing the next one, they might try to avoid that…

“Mr. Takumi, about the orc…”

As I was watching Mr. Ekenhart speak with Tilura, one of the maids called out to me.
Apparently, it was about the orc I had just defeated.

“We will take it away now and drain it of blood. Is that alright?”
“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

I suppose they were going to prepare it so we could eat it today.
We would probably have to go into the forest and recover the other orc they killed later.


As the butler and guards started to take the orc away, Leo suddenly barked right next to me. At the same time, I heard the sounds of rustling coming from the forest.
Had Phillip returned with a new orc?

“I’m sorry! There was another orc nearby, and it was difficult to attract one without the other noticing, and so there are two of them!”

The guard said quickly as he emerged from the forest.
Two huh… Yes, two orcs were a little severe for your first time…
As I was thinking this, Leo moved over to where Tilura was waiting.


Leave it to me. Leo was saying that to her.
In the meantime, Nicholas and Phillip also came out of the forest.
As each had only been able to kill one orc, they had serious expressions, but they were then relieved to see that Leo was standing next to Tilura.
Well, orcs were nothing in front of Leo… She had defeated three in no time when we were here previously.

“Gyuo! Gyuo!”

And then the two orcs followed them out of the forest.
Unlike the orc that I fought, they were not red in the face.
This time, they had not been provoked to the same degree.

“…Alright, Leo. Go!”

I gave the signal once Phillip and the others were out of the way.
It was the one that we had practiced in my room before.
Leo reacted swiftly and jumped on one of the orcs.
Her claws slashed the one on the right side, and after cutting it in half, she dashed in the direction of the forest.

The other orc was so stunned that it froze as the severed orc let out a short scream.
While Leo probably meant for Tilura to finish off the remaining one, why did she run to the forest…?”

“Gyuu!? Gyuo!?”
“…Ah, I see.”

By running behind it, she was blocking the orc’s escape route.
After seeing the other orc killed so quickly, and having seen Leo, the orc seemed to consider running away.
But Leo was blocking one direction, and in the other was Tilura with a sword, and other humans…
I could see it hesitate.

“Tilura, this is your chance. Do not let it go to waste.”
“Gyu!? Gyuaaa!!”

Tilura nodded and had immediately raised her sword and rushed towards the orc.
The orcs seemed surprised to see the single small human attack, but then it quickly made her its target.
And while they moved towards each other, there was not enough distance for the orc to get into a full speed charge.

It was probably aware of this as well, as it then raised its right arm, likely in order to hit Tilura with it.
While she wielded a sword, she was so small that the orc underestimated her.
But Tilura ducked underneath the right arm, and slid towards its feet.


I couldn’t help but mutter. Mr. Ekenhart also sounded impressed.
Tilura had used her height to go low, where the orc couldn’t reach, and avoid its arm.
And as the orc was surprised, she stretched out her body and cut into its stomach!
It did not look that deep, but it was a strong enough attack to deal damage.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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