Seisan Mahoushi – 209

Chapter 209 – It Flew!?

On top of the field of grass, a single sailboat stood.
It was small, only about ten beters long, with a single mast.

However, unlike an ordinary boat, this one had wings of purple iron attached to it.

And we were currently on this winged boat…an airship.

“Now, you just sent wind through these pipes and… How’s that!?”

Ymir said as the boat floated up into the air.

There was a giant duct opening in the center of the boat, and the rim was encrusted with magic stones that improved the strength of wind magic.

The ducts then branched out in the hull of the ship, where they connected to a number of holes.
So that when the wind was sent through it, it pushed towards the ground.

And the force of the wind made the ship rise into the air.

Currently, those of the Nowa tribe who were especially good with wind magic, were sending wind into the ducts. Three of them were sending wind, which seemed to be enough.

When I looked at the ground from the ship, I could see the grass and flowers swaying the blowing wind.

Mette looked very impressed as she said,

“Ohh! It floated! I thought it would be more shaky, but it’s quite stable. I suppose it’s thanks to these wings.”

Ymir looked very proud as she answered.

“Mmm! By hollowing out the bottom part, it becomes surprisingly stable.”
“Oh, that’s the dwarves for you.”
“No, we couldn’t have done it alone. It was with the help of the Nowa tribe and other demihumans. Now, if you want to move forward, you can pull the lever next to the duct, which allows you to send wind through the stern as well.”

Mette pulled the lever, and the ship started to move forward.

“It’s sending wind…or rather, there is something like a windmill that is turning in the back.”
“Mmm. With these gears, we are able to make that propeller rotate at a great speed. As sending wind alone is not enough to make the ship move forward. And after testing various things that Joshua made, this one worked the best. I heard from Fonia, that they used to have similar wheels attached to their airships.”
“Huh… I didn’t know that.”

I didn’t understand the principles.
But it was the result of much trial and error on the part of the dwarves.

And then Iria said,

“I didn’t think that a boat could really fly…”
“A surprise.”

Melk agreed.

As Asuha could already fly, she was not as surprised as the others. But she was still happy.

“Hehe. Ms. Fonia and the turtlefolk will feel quite nostalgic when they see this.”
“Aye… It hasn’t even been a year since Joshua arrived, and yet we have all gathered together, and were able to build something like this.”

Mette said, and Ymir nodded.

“It is all thanks to Joshua. Even this ship is like a combination of all the things that Joshua created.”
“I didn’t do anything… Well, at least traveling will be much easier now. We may really be able to see the northern regions of the continent, as well as the east continent.”
“Then we must make an even bigger airship, so that we can travel far and sleep inside as well. And it must be more durable, so that monsters can’t destroy it. It would also be useful if it can move on water.”
“I will help you.”

I said to the enthusiastic Ymir.

I really had not expected the airship to be completed so quickly.

No, development had probably accelerated due to the Nowa tribe joining us, as they were so skilled with magic.
Also, being able to speak to Fonia and the others, who had actually seen the airships flying, also helped with completing it.

“Still, it really is useful…”

Not only would it allow us to travel greater distances, but it should be useful in combat as well.

For instance, we could drop giant boulders… Our breadth of tactics was broadened in the event that the Demon King army attacked us.

As for that, they had yet to make a move.

But, just in case…

For instance, if the Demon King was planning something, we would be able to attack the Demon King castle in order to put a stop to it.

Though, I didn’t want to use the airshop for such things…

After that, we took the airship and flew around Fendel, and started work on building an even bigger one.

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