Seisan Mahoushi – 210

Chapter 210 – A Great Expedition!?

A month had nearly passed since the visit from the Demon King’s special envoy.

In the meantime, we remained on our guard. Day and night, scouts were on the lookout, and our fighting force continued to make preparations.

Though, no matter how long we waited, the Demon King army showed no signs of coming.

And so eventually, the main fighting force that had gathered in Fendel were dispersed. Though, we made sure that they could return to the village at any time.

Furthermore, as Asuha could use Hide, she would give me thorough reports on any movement of the main Demon King army.

Today, Asuha returned from her scouting trip.

“Once again, they show no signs of advancing to the north. Last night, it seems like they attacked a human city. And though they are not holding back…they are struggling.”
“Perhaps they thought that attacking us would be difficult, now that the Lizardmen are not going to return.”

Eventually, the whole army would retreat…surely.

Just then, Ecleshia approached me.

“Joshua. I was contacted by my people in the northwest of the forest. Apparently, your friend Solm is coming from Varthburg.”
“Solm is?”

During this past month, we had continued to trade with Varthburg as usual. And it seemed like they had become quite stable…

“Solm is going to visit. I will go to greet him then.”

And so I headed to the northwestern forest in order to meet Solm.

And then, Solm, armored and riding on a horse, came through the arch of trees.

“Solm. It’s unusual for you to come and see us.”
“I did consider sending a message through the Tengus, but felt it was better that I told you in person.”
“Did something happen?”

Solm dismounted from his horse and gave me a scroll that was attached to his belt.

I opened the scroll and read the contents out loud.

“Foul monsters are attacking our sacred lands. It is time for humans to unite together, and put an end to this blight… We expect brave warriors to gather together, regardless of country. Emperor Nordos III… This is…”

Solm nodded.

“The emperor himself is going south to fight the monsters. This letter was sent to Ylis in Toria.”
“What did Ylis say?”
“That the nobles of Toria should lend the Emperor their help no matter what. After all, Nordos is known for being a wise ruler… The other countries seem to have come to the same conclusion.”

Nordos was a well respected man.
Both within and outside the empire, he was seen as a fair and thoughtful person.

And so if these words were from him, then many other countries would agree.

Without a doubt, this was also good news for Solm and the southern cities.

At the very least, an army of tens of thousands would come to their aid.

However, I also thought of Kyuby, and the Demon King.

Solm must have seen my concern, as he continued.

“Strangely, there have been no big incidents in Toria. Or other countries… I also think that things have been too quiet.”
“…If Nordos, or the other kings, had something done to them…”

Previously, there had been a Toria priest, and others who tried to head to the south. What if they were brainwashed like those people…

Kyuby was heading to the south, and perhaps he meant to do something to the humans on the way.

That being said, Nordos and the other kings would not leave their own lands completely unguarded. After all, they have Toria as an example.

Still, what was this anxious feeling that I couldn’t brush away…

“…I’m slightly concerned. I think I will go and meet with Ylis once. Will you come too, Solm?”
“I… While Varthburg is a lot more stable now, I cannot leave for over a month.”
“Don’t worry. It won’t even take a few days…I think.”

Solm looked puzzled, but we had an airship.

And so I held a meeting with Iria and the others, and we decided to go and pay Toria a visit.

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