My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 492

Sherry’s Turn was Last

Mr. Ekenhart didn’t say anything about the finishing blow, and just praised the way she had dodged the first attack.
He was so happy, which showed how important Tilura was to him.


As I watched them celebrating, Leo, who had been dragging away the dead orc, now returned and barked at Sherry as if to say she was next.
And after seeing me, Tilura and Leo do it, Sherry was quite confident now, and was eager to do it.
As for the orc that Leo had cleaved into two, the butler and maid had also taken it to the river to drain it of blood.
While there were many of us, at least we wouldn’t have to worry about food for some time.

“…Well then. Leo.”
“Wuff! …Wuff. Wou-wou, grau-wuff!”
“Hmm… Phillip. She says that near the area where you found the orc that Tilura fought, there is one lone orc that is separated from the others.”
“Understood. If it is close to the same spot, we should be able to find it quickly. Perhaps it went looking for the others and then got lost. While orcs sometimes live in packs, they are not good when it comes to acting as a group.”

After being asked by Mr. Ekenhart, Leo nodded and sniffed the air as if searching for the presence of orcs.
Sherry was standing next to Leo. Her usual, relaxed attitude was gone, and she was glaring angrily at the forest.
While she was about as big as a medium–sized dog, she was a fenrir, and certainly looked the part now.
When compared to Leo, they looked a little like parent and child. Though, the color of their fur was different.

Once Leo found the orc, she reported to me, and I relayed the information to Phillip.
As it was in a similar place as the previous one, I did not need to point them in the right direction.
As for orcs not liking to move in groups…that was understandable.
While it wasn’t like they lacked intelligence completely, they moved mostly by instinct. And so they would attack humans or other animals as soon as they saw them.

Back in Range village, they had even attacked the horses. And there were no signs of them moving with any sense of unity.
Thanks to this, I was able to buy time by shocking them with light magic, but…things might have been completely different had they been more organized.

“Sherry, do your best. But don’t do anything reckless, okay?”

After Phillip went into the forest again, Ms. Claire called to Sherry, who was waiting next to Leo.
I could tell by her expression that she was worried about her familiar.
I didn’t know if she was as close with Sherry as I was with Leo, but they were still like family now.

“Sherry. I was able to do it, so you should be fine!”

And then Tilura talked to Sherry after that.
I wasn’t really sure if it was a good argument, given that Tilura had trained diligently, while Sherry was always lazy… But I suppose it was fine.
She was a fenrir… And Sherry was nodding cheerfully.

“She seems really confident but, will she really be fine, Leo?”
“Wuff. Wou!”
“I see. If you say so.”

Leo had been scratching her ears and yawning.
Perhaps you should be a little more concerned… I thought. But Leo stated plainly that there was no way that a fenrir would lose.
After all, as a species, their strength was too different to begin with. A fenrir would be bored when facing an orc.

Well, while I didn’t know if Sherry would be able to move like most fenrirs, I suppose she still would not lose.
But though I trusted Leo, it was also hard to imagine that she was so strong that there was no way that she could lose.
But Mr. Ekenhart and the others were here too, so it would probably be fine…


After talking with Leo and waiting for some time, Sherry, who had been glaring at the forest, seemed to notice something, as she suddenly barked.
Upon hearing this, everyone except Leo looked a little nervous as they turned to the forest.
And then a moment later, Phillip and the other guard came slowly out of the forest.
So they weren’t running this time…

“As Leo said, there was a lone orc. And so we lured it out here. This one is not so angry, and so it is walking more slowly.”

If it wasn’t excited, and not close enough to charge into the enemy, then they moved slowly…so it had that much intelligence. Well, that might be instinct as well.
If that was the case, then I wish they had lured it out slowly for me as well… But then again, there had been two, so they killed one first. So not angering it would have been difficult.
I suppose the reason why orcs had some of the lowest intelligence out of monsters, was because once they got angry, they would just attack anything without thinking…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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