My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 493

Leo gave Sherry some advice


As Phillip and the guard came out of the forest, they were followed by a single orc.
Upon seeing this, Leo barked once, and then Sherry nodded and moved forward.
It was hard to imagine that this was the same Sherry that was always resting on Leo’s head, or being carried by Ms. Claire.
Even if she was young, she really was just a fenrir.


The orc was surprised to come out of the forest and see so many people.
The fact that it did not turn around immediately and run at the sight of Leo, was proof of its low intelligence.


Sherry moved forward a few steps and then barked at the orc.
I didn’t even know that she could make such sounds… Just then, the orc turned to Sherry and went into a combat stance.
Apparently, it had recognized her as an enemy.

“Grrrrr… Gyau!”

From behind, Leo told her to go, and then Sherry pounced on the orc.
And she was shockingly fast.
And while she wasn’t as fast as Leo, who I could barely follow with my eyes, it was clear that she was still quite a threat.
As for the orc that was now in its combat stance, it looked similar to the previous orcs, but its eyes were locked on Sherry.
Would Sherry be like Tilura, and nimbly move under the orc’s arms? As we all watched with bated breath, it happened…


While Sherry had pounced on the orc with plenty of speed, she had not been running first.
And so she was unable to change her trajectory. While the orc had been watching her movement carefully, and so it was able to smack her with its right arm.
We were all speechless.
Except for Leo, who sighed with exasperation.


Sherry landed several meters away. And though her fur was covered in dirt, she was still clear-headed and barked as she got back up.
With her paws planted firmly on the ground, she rose up…and then turned to us for some reason.
Her expression…had none of the bravery of before. She was looking at us with pleading eyes as if she wanted help.

“…Should we help her?”

Mr. Ekenhart did not know what to do.
While Ms. Claire looked like she was trying to hold back the urge to rush towards Sherry.
Probably, she knew that it would only be more dangerous, she the orc was still there.
However, not everyone here was so calm.”

“Sherry! I will help you! Just wait… Huh?”

Tilura had rushed out in order to help Sherry.
It was too fast for me, Mr. Ekenhart or Ms. Claire to react. However, when she ran past Leo, Leo grabbed her by the collar and raised her into the air.
It was like how she had carried Liza yesterday… In any case, it was a good thing that she stopped her.

“Leo, but Sherry! She is in danger!”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff!”
“Ah, thank you, good Leo. Tilura, while I understand that you want to help, you should not charge like that without thinking.”
“But, Sherry…!”

Leo barked for her to calm down, and then handed her over to Mr. Ekenhart.
But even then, Tilura still wanted to go and help Sherry.
She was very kind.

“Leo, is she really fine?”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff!”

I asked Leo while Tilura was caught by Mr. Ekenhart.
Leo nodded to me reassuringly, and then she slowly walked over to Sherry.
And as she moved, she glared at the orc, to make sure that it stayed away.
Even though it did not run away, it finally felt some fear now that Leo was focused on it.

“Mr. Takumi… Is Sherry really alright?”
“I don’t know. But…Leo seems to think she is. So let’s trust her.”

Ms. Claire must have been quite worried, as her right hand squeezed my left hand.
My heart beat a little faster, as it was so sudden, but I squeezed back in order to help calm her.

“Thank you…Mr. Takumi.”
“Not at all…”

I heard Mr. Ekenhart’s voice, and so I looked back towards Leo and Sherry.


For a moment, Sherry looked relieved to see Leo arrive, but then Leo barked at her.
She was likely angry.
Sherry looked disappointed, and barked back weakly.

“Wou-wou. Grau? Wou-grau-grau!”
“Kyau? Kyu! Kyu!”

They had moved their heads close together and seemed to be talking. But as they were far away, I could not hear them.
While Leo seemed to be scolding Sherry…it seemed like she was telling her to not think of slicing it open? That there were other ways to do it?
Sherry seemed to think about this for a moment, and then suddenly became cheerful again.
It was quite the change from before.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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