Ossan Boukensha – 115

Goblin Battle



I thought that they were finally aware of my presence, and so I braced myself for a battle. However, the goblins walked leisurely and were not even carrying weapons.

I held my breath and waited for them to pass by. If they did see me, the battle would start immediately. One…four, five. They passed by without noticing. There didn’t seem to be any others behind them. However, the one in the lead was clearly different in size compared to the others. It must be a hobgoblin.


From behind, I stabbed the last goblin in the neck with my sword. Then I quickly pulled it out as the goblin fell dead. The two in front of it immediately turned around.
I did have the option of just letting them pass, but I didn’t like the possibility of being sandwiched between them later on. And so I would kill any enemies I saw.

As the goblin on the left stared at me with wide eyes, I thrust my sword into its neck, and then turned my body around, cutting through it by force.


My sword swung, but had little power behind it. I was mainly relying on the sharpness of Mine Breaker as it slammed into the other goblin’s shoulder, severing the arm.

By this time, the last two remaining ones understood what was happening as well. As the goblin with the cut arm stumbled back, the other two charged forward.
And while I was able to pierce the throat of the larger hobgoblin, the blade became stuck, and I could not react to the other one in time.


It jumped at me with its claws and fangs bare. However, it was making its head an easy target. They were still just goblins. And so I let go of my sword and punched the goblin in the face with my gauntlet.

It was thrown back. In the meantime, the goblin with the cut arm tried to escape. And so I pulled out my sword from the hobgoblin, and threw it into its back.
And then the last one attacked me. I swung the sword while dropping into a squat. The sword grazed the low ceiling and sunk into the goblin’s body.


It was not a strong enough swing to cut the goblin in half. As it could not be helped, I rotated my body, causing the blade to cut through as it pulled out. The Mine Breaker was a straight sword, so it was not very efficient. But there was no problem if it was a goblin. The chest opened and blood sprayed out.


I sighed and wiped the blood off. It really was difficult, fighting multiple enemies in a place where I couldn’t swing properly. While it would be nice if the hobgoblin was the leader, it was too early to make assumptions.
As long as I could save Yutere, it didn’t matter if there were some goblins left today. However, I doubted they would just let me walk away.
Regardless, I continued to go deeper into the cave.

The deeper I went, the harder the walls became. They may as well have been rock. It was amazing what Killer Ants were capable of when making tunnels.

But thanks to that, I wouldn’t have to worry about the ceiling collapsing. The narrow passages would not be a problem for the goblins, but they were for humans. I had to stoop low as I made my way forward. But eventually, I was able to hear the faint sounds with the wind.

The sound, as if subtly keeping a beat, was coming from even deeper within the cave. Holding my breath, I continued to walk, until light began to seep through the path ahead.


The sounds of something being hit, and the voices of the goblins. I looked around the corner and saw a large chamber.

It was lit by a small fire. The room looked like it was once occupied by an Ant Queen. It was quite vast, and there were more goblins inside than I cared to count.

The goblins were hitting rocks or the floor with their clubs, and seemed very excited. And in the center, there was a large crack in the wall, and an elevated platform in front of it.

And in front of the platform stood a large goblin that was adorned in jingling decorations. As it held a staff, it must be a magician. I had heard of there being hobgoblin sorcerers.

It was like some kind of religious ritual. Though, I had never heard of goblins being religious before. But there was no time to think about that.

The important thing was that there was a bound up human girl on the altar. It was without a doubt, Yutere. She was limp and not moving, likely due to being unconscious. She did not appear to have any serious injuries. I hoped that she was alright.

“Me-zroi-tar-mez-rei. Protection.”

I pulled my head back again and recast the magic. The room was quite bright, and there was only one way in. I could not think of any way of taking them all by surprise. And there was no way to avoid fighting multiple enemies. And so I rested my two-handed sword on my shoulder and took in a deep breath.

And then I took my first step forward.
As always, the prosthetic leg helped to accelerate my body. With every step, I moved faster. I thought I heard a goblin screaming near the entrance, but it didn’t matter.
I dashed through the passage in an instant and vaulted into the room.

Several goblins turned to look at me, and the drumming sounds stopped all at once.


Then they all started shouting at the same time, and the closest one pounced on me. While still running, I swept the club away with my sword.
One good thing about the room was that it was large enough that I could swing my sword around freely. And since the goblins had scattered, I was able to move to the center in little time.

That put me close to the sorcerer with the staff. However, they would not make it so easy for me. I had to stop as the goblins surrounded me, and then they attacked.


I swung my sword in an almost exaggerated sweep, cutting through multiple goblins. Then I stepped forward, unleashed a horizontal slash, and took down two more at the same time. An elbow into the nose of another, and then I rotate my whole body in swing.
As my vision spun, I used my other foot to step forward, using the recoil to switch directions, and cut down two more of them.

I had trained my magic energy and magic for two years, and so Mine Breaker’s sharpness had gone up a lot. At the same time, the sword was so light that it didn’t feel like a two-handed weapon.
As it was mithril, it was already lighter than iron. But now it was similar to a one-handed sword.

After seeing so many of their own cut down, the other goblins hesitated and stopped advancing towards me.


All of a sudden, a fire javelin shot out from the sorcerer’s staff.
In response, I charged Mine Breaker and held it in front of me.
And like that, the blade was hit by fire. It slid down the blade, and I felt the heat on my body.
Normally, doing this would have made the blade hot, and you would burn yourself. However, the protection magic blocked the fire, and the charged Mine Breaker was able to parry the javelin.

As the air distorted with heat, I swung my sword once and then moved towards the goblin in the center.


The hobgoblin sorcerer looked stunned. But I didn’t know what it was saying, as I didn’t speak goblin.

It was being protected by four other goblins, two of which were hobgoblins. Perhaps they were its bodyguards. But there was nowhere for me to go but forward. I did not want them to remember that Yutere was there.


I said, making sure their attention was fully on me. Then I cut open the throat of the first hobgoblin that charged. However, a different goblin took the opportunity to get close, moving in under my attack. In size, hobgoblins and goblins were like adults and children.


Also, this goblin was wielding a sword. Regardless of its strength, I did not want to get hit by it.
As the goblin raised the sword in the air, I quickly took a step forward. After the sudden charge, the goblin swung down, just as I rammed into it with my armor.
The harpy queen had done something similar to me. I didn’t think that I would end up doing it as well.

The sword bounced off my armor, and the goblin fell back and onto the ground. As there were more goblins coming, I ignored it.


Next, I swung my sword in a complete circle in the opposite direction. There was no target in particular. I felt the impact of at least two bodies, but didn’t bother to confirm it.

Because while rotating, I had caught sight of a goblin archer drawing its bow in my direction.

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