My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 38

I Tried using ‘Weed Cultivation’

“Still, medicinal plants through Weed Cultivation…”
“Is there something wrong, Sebastian?”
“No, I was just thinking about how great a help it would be if medicinal plants could be acquired so easily.”
“You need them here?”
“Yes. We currently have none in storage in this house. Ramogi is not supposed to be so difficult to acquire…but we didn’t even have that. So if you could make some, we would be able to use it if there is a need.”

I see. They had to store some for medicine.
Yes, you would be very anxious if you had no medicine to be used if someone suddenly became ill.
Even I always made sure that I had cold medicine in stock.
Because I would get in trouble at work if I took a day off just because of a cold…

“Well, I still don’t know what kinds of medicinal plants I can make. But I will look at the book and see what I can do.”
“Thank you.”
“Mr. Takumi, can I watch too?”
“Yes. I don’t think there is anything dangerous about it.”

I was just going to see if I could make plants grow. That’s all.

“Then I will watch as you use Weed Cultivation, Mr. Takumi.”

Ms. Claire looked at me as if she expected to see something great.
Now I was getting a little nervous.
After all, there was no guarantee that I would be able to use it well.
But then again, I had been able to make the Ramogi without even trying.
For a while after that, I enjoyed my cup of black tea and watched Leo and Tilura play. The time passed calmly as we rested there.

“Here is the book on medicinal plants.”

Once we had finished resting, Ms. Gelda gave me the book, and so I went out into the back garden along with Leo, Ms. Claire, and Sebastian.
As for Tilura…ah, she was riding on Leo’s back.
I suppose she must have really enjoyed the ride yesterday?
Once we were in the back garden, I stood a short distance away from the others and then opened the book.

“Hmm… There really are a lot of plants here…”

I could feel the eyes of the others on me.
Ms. Claire seemed very serious, while Sebastian was perhaps more expectant. But regardless, their looks were piercing…
…It made me a little uncomfortable…

“Alright, I’ll do this one.”

I chose a medicinal plant from the book that was called Loe.
It was effective against scrapes and burns. The leaves were thick and had hard thorns around them.
The insides of the leaves were like jelly, and could even be eaten. It said that the leaves should be cut open and placed over the wound in order to heal it.

“…Wait, is this aloe?”

I remembered when I was a child, an old woman who lived nearby would put aloe on any scrapes I would get after falling.
The jelly-like leaves and thorns were similar. So I suppose it really was aloe.
It was easy to imagine a plant if you already knew what it looked like.
And so I closed the book and held it in my right hand, and then I brought up an image of aloe…Loe, in my head as I placed my left hand on the ground.

“I will use it now…”
“…Please do.”
“I’m so excited.”

Now their expectant gazes grew even more intense…
While I was nervous, I was careful to not let it affect my concentration. And then I focused on the image of the Loe.
Uh…I wonder if I should say something…

“Weed Cultivation.”

While it was a little embarrassing, I just said the name of the Gift.
The gazes of the others turned to painful grimaces.
I’m sure they didn’t mean to be rude.
A few seconds after the name…I felt something pushing up out of the ground against my hand.
Had I succeeded?
When I pulled my left hand away, a green plant began to sprout from the ground.


The others looked at the ground that I had been touching, and they raised their voices in amazement.
As I watched the plant grow, leaves and thorns started to come out. And after a while, it stopped growing.
I looked exactly like the plant I had imagined. An aloe.
So, I really had succeeded

“Is that…Loe?”
“Judging by the leaves and thorns, there is no doubt about it.”
“That’s right. I imagined the characteristics that were written in the book and then used Weed Cultivation.”
“That’s amazing, Mr. Takumi!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Ms. Claire and Sebastian were astonished, while Tilura and Leo sounded overjoyed.

“Mr. Takumi…you were able to make…Loe.”
“It is incredible…”
“Yes, it worked. But, uh…is there something that I don’t know?”

Aloe…no, Loe, was a common enough plant in Japan.
And so I don’t know why they were so surprised…

“…Mr. Takumi. Do you mean to say that you made it without knowing what type of plant it was?”
“Uh… I read the description in the book. And it just so happened that there is a similar plant in my world. And so it was easy to visualize.”
“…I see… Lady Claire?”
“…Yes… Sebastian, please explain to him what Loe is.”

And so began Sebastian’s lesson on Loe.
While he was still surprised about seeing it grow, I could still tell that he was relishing the joy of being able to explain something to someone.
He really liked doing it…

“About Loe… Mr. Takumi, do you know about its effect?”
“Well, the book said that it can heal light wounds and burns…”
“Yes. It is a medicinal plant that heals wounds on your body. Its effect is most wonderful. You cut the leaves open in order to extract the jelly within, and you apply that to the wound.”

So it was exactly like aloe.
Well, the jelly could be very unpleasant depending on where you applied it.
But when it had been used on me as a child, I felt that it healed faster than any bandaid… But maybe it was just my imagination…

“And the moment it touches the wound, the wound will heal.”
“…The moment it… Wait, so you don’t have to keep it on?”
“Yes. You do not. After all, it will be healed as soon as it is touched by the jelly. While it cannot heal mortal wounds, even deep wounds that are cut to the bone can heal without leaving a scar.”

…Wasn’t that too effective?
The aloe that I knew had to be covering your skin for quite a while.
Besides, all it did was slightly raise the speed of a human’s natural healing ability. So it should not be able to heal completely so that there is no scar.
So it really was completely different from the aloe that I knew?
…But it looked so similar
To think that this plant that looked like aloe could be so effective…
I was amazed by what Sebastian said as I stared at the Loe that had grown from the ground.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Oh so it doesn’t look like it requires any seeds to grow plants. I just assumed that it did and it was just coincidence that there happened to be ramogi seeds nearby when he first used it.

    • Same. Maybe it creates the seed with magical energy, but you can’t get seeds from the plant itself or they are ineffective for replanting?

      On another note, what would happen if you did use seeds, I wonder?

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