Makai Hongi – 258

Chapter 258

○ Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s Camp – Saifo Part 1

This battle that tactician Felicia would one day call the ‘Upset Comedy.’
To Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s soldiers, it could only be called a nightmare.

“I knew it. I am strong after all.”
Saifo held iron clubs in both hands and swung them.

Enemy soldiers flew into the air with every swing.
They were so heavy that most people would not have been able to pick them up, but Saifo was swinging them around as if they weighed nothing.

After evolving, he sensed that he had become stronger. Sensed it all too well.
However, there were others in the battlefield who defied classification.

Miralda was a powerful, monster-like General.
And her subordinates were also impressive.

And so even though Saifo had evolved, there were people there that made him think, ‘Ah, I can’t beat them.’
It was because of this, that he was unable to gauge his own ability.

“That’s it! Golan is the one who is the weirdo. It must be.”
His sister Beka agreed.

As soon as they returned to Melvis’s country, they were ordered to rush to the next battlefield.
“We’ll be able to fight again.”
Saifo was overjoyed, and he then reunited with Golan at the meeting place.

They were comrades from the same village.
And while they had evolved into different races, he was someone who Saifo had never beaten in a fight.

And so Saifo challenged Golan, just as he always had, and was beaten into a pulp.
He hadn’t stood a chance, and was thrown around like a bean bag.

The relationship between mana level and ability had always been strange when it came to Golan.
He boasted the greatest strength in the village in spite of having inferior mana levels.
They had challenged him so many times and never won.

But now that Golan had evolved, his mana level far surpassed Saifo and Beka.
Still, if they fought together… It felt like a long time ago that he believed that.

The gap had widened so much that he felt that no matter how many times he challenged Golan, he would never be able to win.

“Damn it. How strong has Golan become?”
“I don’t know either.”

“We’ve never been able to beat him. Not even once!”
Beka said as she puffed out her cheeks.
She too had a lot on her mind regarding the repeated defeats.

But even as they talked like this, their hands worked tirelessly at defeating the enemy. And they moved deeper and deeper into Kyuka’s camp. And then…

“Hmm? Is that Golan… Why is he here?”

Saifo had found Golan.
But why was he in the middle of the enemy camp?
And why was he on the ground?

“What? What? Oh, it is Golan! And they killed each other at the same time?”
Saifo took a closer look and saw that Beka was right. There was someone else on the ground. Someone who had likely been fighting Golan.

Saifo also saw that someone appeared to be tending to the person’s wounds. But what he was doing was too abnormal.
He had cut open the chest and taken out the Orb of Control.

“Hmm… It really doesn’t work if they are already dead. She wasn’t even a Demon King yet, so my hopes were not high. But the mana has already dispersed. It’s really no use.”

The person muttered as he held the Orb of Control.
“That guy has a lot of mana. But what is he doing?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?”
“But this will be faster… Hah!”

The person who Saifo attacked was Nehyor, who had just extracted the Orb of Control from Kyuka’s body.

Nehyor was well aware that Saifo and Beka were there, but he had ignored them, believing them to be unworthy of any attention.

Nehyor’s hand was not enough to stop the powerful blow… The bone in his left arm snapped and his shoulder was shattered.


Nehyor was stunned.
After all, he had served as General Farneze’s Corps Commander for a hundred years.
He knew how strong her men were.

It would be one thing if he had to battle Farneze, but surely her underlings wouldn’t stand a chance.
That was what Nehyor had thought.

He believed that he could beat Farneze in a one on one fight.

Nehyor jumped back and then looked at his opponent carefully.

While Saifo continued to attack, the blows were no longer landing.

It wasn’t just a difference in combat experience. There was also the difference in speed.

“You look like a demon. But I don’t remember seeing anyone like you before.”
Neither Saifo or Beka had met Nehyor.

While they may have been in the same army, they had never exchanged words.

Besides, Nehyor had not been thinking about anything outside of evolving into an Elder.

And so while he kept track of the strong within the Demon World, when it came to the rabble, he had no interest in them, except for the ‘amusing ones.’

“I don’t really care. Yes, I’ll kill you.”
It was just as Nehyor stopped dodging and was about to go into an offensive stance.

“Here-here! It’s me, Beka!”

Beka had come up behind him without making a sound. And like that, she snapped the bones of Nehyor’s remaining arm.

Once again, Nehyor was stunned.
You could say that he was careless. He had underestimated them. And this was the result.

He had not even bothered to heal the first broken bone and shattered shoulder.
It was because he knew that he could deal with Saifo with one arm.

And yet this arrogance had been exploited.

“I got you!”
Beka’s hand reached out for his neck.

Saifo attacked simultaneously for good measure.

“Really, now.”
He repaired both arms in a flash, and his shattered shoulder also started to heal.

With both arms back, Nehyor dodged Saifo’s attack and peeled Beka off of him.

“He’s healed already. That was very quick. But that means I can hit him as much as I like.”
“He really doesn’t look that durable. He’s so tough!”

Saifo was licking his lips and Beka looked more enthusiastic than before.

While Golan called them the idiot siblings, the two of them together had a power that not many knew of.

And the only reason that Golan seemed to punish them without breaking a sweat, was because he had fought them nearly every day.

He knew their movements by heart, and could understand how they thought. That was why he was able to deal with them.

“Let’s go and avenge Golan!”
Saifo and Beka shouted together.

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