Makai Hongi – 259

Chapter 259

○ Lesser Demon King Kyuka’s Camp – Saifo part 2

Had Saifo and Beka fought Nehyor alone, they would not have stood a chance.
They were inferior in both combat experience and mana level.

But due to Nehyor underestimating them, Saifo and Beka had become a little carried away.
That was something you did not want meat head Ogres to do.

It was because they were so simple-minded, that it was dangerous.
And Nehyor would learn this soon enough.

But Nehyor was able to overwhelm them with speed, and he dodged their attacks while unleashing counterattacks of his own.

And though Saifo was being hit, he was tough, and continued to strike back as well.
Beka’s style involved her moving behind to Nehyor’s back and closing in for an attack.

Nehyor hated both of these styles.
“What is this? It’s like I’m fighting against Golan.”

The evolved Saifo—the defense ability of Masurao, was similar to that of ordinary Golan.

Of course, Saifo was still weak to magic attacks, but with all the extra mana in him now, he was able to strengthen his body.
So even after he was attacked by Nehyor, Saifo had enough strength left to attack.

“Ugh, I suppose I have no choice then. I’ll do this seriously.”

Nehyor was very annoyed that things weren’t going his way.
You could even say that he was angry.

Upon hearing that there was someone particularly ambitious to the north, Nehyor had been secretly sending men out to make contact.
This was when Nehyor was still acting in the west.

And after Golan had made it impossible for him to work in the west, Nehyor learned that things were going smoothly regarding the foundation he had laid out in the east.
And so he headed to the east at once. Inwardly, he was very optimistic about the future.

He had fanned the flames of Kyuka’s ambition, and annexed the smaller neighboring countries.
And after a succession of victories, Kyuka was just one one step away from becoming a Demon King.

Realizing that this was the time to go on the hunt, Nehyor had come out in person in order to not miss this perfect timing.

In order to become a Demon King, you had to defeat someone big.
And they would be tired after such a feat. It would be easier to defeat them in such a state. That’s what Nehyor had thought.

And what Nehyor required was an Orb of Control from a Demon King.
When residents of the Demon World die, their Orb of Control and mana leaves their body, and the mana disperses. He was aware of this.

And so in order to extract the most amount of mana, it was best to do it right before they died.

The miscalculation this time was that Kyuka had died before turning into a Demon King.
The Orb of Control that he had extracted had not grown enough, and the mana had already started to escape.

It was completely useless.
Nehyor felt a mixture of disappointment and great rage.

That was when he was attacked, and decided to make his move.
Killing these Ogres was not enough. That’s how Nehyor felt now.

“Her Majesty has fallen!”
“Her chest has been cut open!”

At this point, Saifo had torn down the tents and curtains, allowing the surrounding soldiers to see what was happening inside.

This meant that numerous soldiers were able to see Kyuka’s corpse.
There was an uproar, and soldiers started to run to and fro.

“Someone has defeated Her Majesty!!”
“Maybe it’s those people fighting over there?”

It wasn’t just Saifo and Beka, but Nehyor was also drawing attention.
And Nehyor was also still clutching the Orb of Control with a look of great regret.

If he really did go all out, he could easily defeat the two who were in front of him.
He knew this after fighting them for a short while.

However, would there be any meaning in doing such a thing in the midst of this chaos?
His plan here had been ruined. There was no point in his presence here anymore.

“…Hah… That’s enough.”

As for Kyuka’s army, it would likely be rebuilt under a new Lesser Demon King.
And Nehyor did not like the idea of strange rumors spreading at this point, and so he decided to leave.

“…Tsk. He escaped.”
“Or maybe he let us go?”

Aside from the initial attack, they had not been able to land an effective blow.
Indeed, it was less like he had run away, and more like he had withdrawn for their sake.

“Still, to think that there was someone who could take Golan down.”
“Yes… So, what should we do with Golan’s corpse?”

“I guess we should at least bring it back with us.”

At this point, Kyuka’s death had already spread around the entire camp.

And since the Adjutants and Generals had also been killed by Farneze, there was no one else left to bring order to the camp.
The chaos reached a new peak.

But even when the enemy started to run, the Ogres left everything in order to chase them.
There was no one around Saifo and Beka now.

And so the two slowly approached the fallen Golan.

“There was something that Golan often said during times like these. What was it?”
“Oh, yes. I think it was something like, ‘when you die, no one will pick up your corpse.’”

“Ah, that’s what it was. Yes.”
“I’m so glad that I remembered it!”

Saifo and Beka said as they burst into laughter.

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