Shinmai Boukensha – 28

Day 28: Backup Equipment
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 11th day.
Weather: Cloudy followed by sun

I’m glad that it stopped raining. Now Ms. Marga and Ms. El should be fine. I think.
I do hope that they return as soon as possible. So that I can leave this town!!

Today, I am going shopping… Haaa…I wouldn’t need to be spending money now if I was returning to Ruffa.
However, I’ll be needing them eventually…and so I consoled myself as I left the Adventurers Guild behind me.

My destination was the weapon store. As I had found a promising place the last time I went out shopping, I went back there without hesitation.
When I entered, a cheerful girl was tending the store. Maybe she was the owner’s daughter?
I wanted a breastplate and sword, but… Ahh… I had been bracing myself, but they were still expensive.
Even the cheapest leather armor was a price that made me waver. And the sword…well, it would cost that much.

However, I decided to first ask if they could repair the sword that I already had. I didn’t like the idea of asking someone who wasn’t the old man, but I had no choice now. I can’t always rely on him.
When I asked the girl this, a tall, muscular man appeared from the back. Oh, his head was blindingly bald!!
And while I was a little overwhelmed, I explained my situation to him.

The man took the blade and inspected it with a severe expression. And after a while, he shook his head apologetically.
What? Did he mean that it couldn’t be repaired!?
According to him, the Balto alloy used in the sword required a special technique to handle, and that he was not capable of doing it. Also, he added that it was likely the same for the other stores in this town…
And so, he suggested that I either return to the original store that made it, or go to the royal capital of some other large city.
O-old man…what a troublesome sword…you did too much.

However, this really did make my spare equipment even more important… And so I had to buy something that was durable.
And the man showed me a few items that looked promising.
Steel, black steel and mithril alloys were the standard, he said. And so I should choose from them when it comes to materials for a backup weapon.
The price…oh…I didn’t have enough at all. Yes. After all, even the leather armor had cost so much…
Hmmm. I should ask him how much it would cost if I used the soldier ant materials that I had. It doesn’t cost anything to ask.

I then learned that it was surprisingly cheap!! I might be able to manage it? Not only that, but he apparently had one that was already made.
This was good! If that was the price for a breastplate and two short swords, then it seemed like a good deal.
And so I tried them on then and there.
The armor was…hmm. As it was not custom made, it was not the most comfortable.
The pair of short swords, in other words, twin blades, were a little too light… I would not be able to handle them in the same way as my old swords.
However, as a whole, it was all within an acceptable range. Yes, I will buy them!!

And so I had a satisfying shopping trip.
I was a little anxious about how light my leather bag had become…but to think about it would be to admit defeat.

Now, what I really wanted to do was to accept some quests and earn money…
But I decided that I shouldn’t today. I had only just recovered.
It was dangerous to push yourself too hard. And so I will work from tomorrow.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -13 (Inn)(Bed: B, Food: B)
-50 (Equipment)
Silver: -8 (Equipment)
Balance: 1 silver, 1 bronze

…(゚_゚i)ー… M-my money is all… It’s fine. It was an investment. An investment towards tomorrow!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Uh maybe she should try to look for quests that don’t have to do with the dungeon for now like more herb gathering to make some money.

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