Shinmai Boukensha – 29

Day 29: Can’t Get It Out…
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 12th day.
Weather: Sunny

Today, there was a cloudless blue sky. It was a little hot.
Now, I’m going to go out and work hard!!

And so I went straight to the guild in order to choose a quest.
Well, I will choose something on the light side, so I can get used to my equipment.
This four branch mushroom gathering one looks promising.
I’m used to gathering quests. Besides, you get an extra reward for hunting goblins!
Hehehe. So after I finish with the mushrooms, I’ll hunt a bunch of goblins and make a huge profit!!

The gathering place was a forest that was not too far away from the town.
Four branch mushrooms grew in forests where there was lots of sun.
As for its appearance, it looked like the leg of a bird that is upside-down. And it’s a flaming red color.
Because it’s so distinct, it was rarely mistaken for other poisonous mushrooms. This really is an easy job. Ah, I found one already!!

With mushrooms, if you found one, there would usually be others growing around it, which made gathering easy.
I already found six of them. I just need two more now. At this rate, I’ll be able to return before it gets dark.
It was when I still had this optimistic view that I heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes that were a short distance away… Is this who I think it is?
I advanced cautiously, and then quickly hid behind a tree in order to spy on it.

As I thought, it was a goblin.
Goblins were humanoid monsters. They were about as big as a six to seven year old child. As for defining features, I suppose it was their large, round bellies and heads, as well as their pointed ears.
Alone, they aren’t much of a threat, but they are considerably more dangerous in groups.

And right now, there was one standing in front of me. There didn’t seem to be any others. Perhaps it was separated from the group?
…However, it was armed, which was quite troublesome. Why does a goblin need to wear leather armor and carry a billhook!
Still, it was rare to find one on its own, and so I would hunt it.
If I do it now, I should be able to take it down from behind without it noticing me!!
But just as the timing was right and I was going to attack…

…Uh, what? It won’t come out… I couldn’t unsheath my short sword!? What!? But why!?
I checked it yesterday and it came out smoothly! And it was fine this morning!
And yet!! Why won’t it come out!?

As I fell into a mild panic, I could hear the sounds of the goblin’s footsteps approaching me.
Ah, it was no use… I couldn’t allow myself to be discovered like this…
Even if it was relatively weak, it was still a monster. I couldn’t fight it without a weapon!!
And so I held my breath and waited for it to pass me.


!? Teeth! My teeth!!
I frantically took out a cloth from my pouch and shoved it into my mouth.
…Does this…mean that I’m afraid?

I waited like that for a while, and then the goblin finally went off somewhere.
I am saved. I sighed with relief and tried pulling out my short sword again. And then it came out of its sheath with shocking smoothness.
…What. Why did it come out now?!

I encountered goblins a few times after that, but the result was always the same.
…I could not unsheath my sword.

After that, I returned to the guild and accepted my reward. And then, I went to the bar, which I almost never do.
I could not stop myself from drinking. I was so through with this day!!
How can I be an Adventurer, if I couldn’t unsheath my sword when it mattered!!

…What has happened to me?

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: + 30(Quest reward)
– 45(Bar)
Balance: 86 bronze

Bring on the drinks! (*’с’*)ノ彡☆ More and more! I can still drink!!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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