Shatei Kyokufuri – 104

Data.97 – Old Bowman, Season of Silence

“…It’s cold!”

I shouted as soon as I stepped foot into the Winter dungeon.
While I had been expecting it, being exposed to the cold wind so suddenly, caused me to shout out in alarm.
The wind against my face felt especially icy…

The structure of the dungeon was generally the same as the others, but while the walls had been made of trees up until now, they were made of snow here.
I suppose it would look ridiculous if you couldn’t walk through trees that had shed all of their leaves.
But there was a feeling of oppression with the densely packed snow.

And my face was so cold… And my fingers…
Why was it just those parts that were so cold…?
It was simple. Because those were the parts not covered in armor.

Around my neck, I had the Windstream Scarf.
The Windcloud Haori was specialised for protection, and so it was thick and warm.
And the Windguard Hakama was made of windproof material.
After all, this gear was supposed to spread out like a parachute as wind blew from below, allowing you to rise into the air.
The Cloudcrossing Tabi were filled with wool, which kept my feet warm, even when I walked over the packed snow.

They were called the Windcloud set for a reason, and were stronger than any cold wind.
However, my hands were equipped with the Cloudbore Archery Gloves, which needed to have the fingers exposed for the precise work of drawing a bow.
So it could not be helped…was what I would say, were it not for the fact that numb fingers would make shooting arrows even more difficult.
And so I decided to pull ‘that’ out again.

“I’ll change to ‘Fists of the Forest Sage’…”

These gorilla fists had been with me for a long time.
They were thick enough to protect me against the cold, and my fingers could still move with accuracy even though they were thicker.
I would rely on them for the Winter dungeon.

Now that I had my gear sorted out, it was time to go.
My face was still exposed, but I had no goggles or caps to wear.
This was one thing that really couldn’t be helped…

The map was still that of a roguelike, but there were several ‘snow huts’ scattered around as obstacles.
But why snow huts?
Because while they looked like snow huts, the insides weren’t hallowed out. So you couldn’t go inside. They were just in the way.
On top of that, they were very big, and would block my arrows.

As it was winter, there were no bug enemies. Instead, there were carnivorous monsters like wolves and bears, that you would expect to see in northern lands.
In terms of pure combat ability, they were definitely more of a threat than the bugs.
There weren’t many of them, but they were tough and powerful. And they weren’t slow either.
So just like any other enemy for me, I could not allow them to get close.

Still, these snow huts really did get in the way…
There was even a bear that was hiding behind one. That really caused me to panic…
Let me see if I can break them.

“Burning Arrow!”

The explosion caused the distant snow hut to collapse, and a bear appeared from within.
It was larger than the other bears in the map, and its eyes were glowing red.
On top of that, there was a dark red aura around it.

This… It wasn’t just a bear monster. It was a bear monster that was furious at having its hibernation interrupted.
It was like when developers slightly changed the abilities and color schemes of a character in fighting games.
Well, I had a feeling the change in abilities were a little more than slight here…


I unleashed an arrow at the angry bear.
It was tough… Its defense ability had been raised considerably.
Not only that, but it started to destroy other snow huts as it approached me.
Thanks to this, the number of angry bears who had their slumber disturbed began to increase.

On the other hand, fewer obstacles meant that it was easier to shoot my arrows.
So it wasn’t really a problem…!

“Burning Arrow!”

◆ ◆ ◆

“Haa…ha… Finally…”

I found the warp panel to the boss floor.
Those bears were worse than I thought!
Especially since the snow hut debris that flew towards me would deal damage…
I was shocked when some of it scraped the side of my head and my HP went down.
Thankfully, it didn’t hit the flowers. But it was a close call…

And so I wanted to hurry up and clear the dungeon before I got attacked by more bears.
My HP was recovered and there was no cooldown.
And so I stepped on the warp panel and teleported to the boss floor.

The last battlefield of the four seasons dungeons was a white field.
It really was just white as far as the eyes could see.
And in the middle of it was one frozen tree. It was sparkling under the sunlight.
Just like a white flower.
I had never seen a tree covered in ice like this before.

And underneath, stood the last of the four horsemen from Revelations. The most famous, Pale Rider.
The one who rode a pale horse and was followed by Hades…
There was one obvious attack I could think of… Instant Death.
And so I would have to be even more careful than usual against this knight who was lord over ‘death.’

“Letter Arrow!”

Just as always, I used Letter Arrow.
If you know your enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will never be defeated.
But I’ve fought well over a hundred battles. So perhaps the odds weren’t that much in my favor anymore…!

◆ Pale Rider
Attribute: Angel
Skill: Shadow of Death, Pale Apocalypse
One of the four horsemen from Revelations that appear at the end of the world.
As the fourth horseman, the Pale Rider is the lord of ‘death.’
He is accompanied by a shadow that causes instant death if you touch it, and he swings a great scythe that harvests lives.

So it was instant death after all…
But there was no need to panic.
In every game, you can’t become the strongest with such skills!
There are many restrictions and they are difficult to use.
At least…for the player.

But they often seemed unfair when bosses used them. So maybe I should panic a little…
In any case, I should keep my distance… It was as I thought such things that the Pale Rider activated his skill.
A black shadow appeared right next to him.
It looked like a human, a beast, an angel and also a devil.

“Hades…brings forth death…”

The Pale Rider talked!
I guess they had to give you a heads up about the instant death thing.
A lot of players didn’t have probing skills like I did.

Now, apparently I would die instantly if I touched the Shadow of Death. But my attacks should still be effective, I think.
After all, it would leave those in the advance guard in a terrible position.
My guess was that it didn’t count if you touched it with weapons or attack skills.
Surely it should have a weakness where it would stop moving after you’ve inflicted a certain amount of damage.
Because you would die if you missed.

“Well, it doesn’t apply to me, because I can attack at a distance…!”

And so I used Warp Arrow to escape to the edge of the battle area.
I also had Garbow activate Ocean Sphere and quickly move away from the Pale Rider and the Shadow of Death.
There would be no close quarters combat today. While the shadow was slow, I thought it would be cruel to demand that Garbow attack it while also running away.
Unison AIs were not that skilled.

Now that I was far away, it was time to shoot!
The black shadow really stuck out on top of the white snow.
So I never lost sight of it.

As for the Pale Rider…it didn’t move?
I see. It was the boss and so it wouldn’t make sense if it charged ahead of the Shadow of Death.
And the players would want to separate the dangerous shadows from the boss.

In my case, I was glad that it didn’t charge at me.
Because I could calmly shoot it like I was doing now!

“Burning Arrow Storm!”

I was targeting the Pale Rider.
I didn’t know for sure, but my instincts were telling me that while you could slow it down, the Shadow of Death was a skill that couldn’t be erased completely.
And so I was better off attacking the main body…!

The Pale Rider twirled the great scythe and blocked the arrows.
At the same time, pale bullets of energy shot out from its body and knocked the arrows out of the air.
It was surprisingly dexterous… But It shouldn’t be able to block all of them.
The exploding arrows chipped away at the Pale Rider’s HP.

“Gar! Gar!”

It was Garbow’s cry of hostility.
But the Pale Rider was far away and not within range of Garbow’s attacks.
As survival was the main priority this time, I had kept him close by.
Garbow wasn’t supposed to cry if he couldn’t attack…


The Shadow of Death was a lot closer than I had thought.
So it…grew faster as time passed.
If I took too long, it would start chasing me around with swift instant kill attacks.
Should I have Garbow attack it?
No, I had a better idea…!

“Change weapon! Spider Shooter Cloud!”

My other main bow, Spider Shooter Cloud, might be able to slow it down with Web Cloud Arrow.
I shot the sticky web at both the Shadow of Death and the Pale Rider.
And then I learned something.
Web Cloud Arrow was also durable against slash attacks.

The Pale Rider swung its scythe in order to cut through the descending webs, but it was unable to. Instead, its arm just became more tangled.
Now it could no longer stylishly swing its great scythe.
The Shadow of Death also tried to tear through it with its claws, but failed and fell over.
But it continued to flail around, which caused snow to stick to it so that it became like a snowball.

Apparently, cloud spider webs were very effective against the rider of death and death itself.
Very good, Web Cloud Arrow!
It was easy to take down an enemy when their movement was restricted.
And so the Pale Rider was destroyed shortly after, and it disappeared into light.
At the same time, the snowball…the Shadow of Death, also disappeared.

The seasonal flower then appeared as if to take their place. It was a ‘snowflake.’
So they weren’t even using plants now.
Well, some people did call snowflakes ‘snow flowers,’ so it wasn’t really surprising.
Now I had four flowers blooming on my head. It was the completion of an old man who looked rather extreme!

I got onto the warp panel enthusiastically and returned to the central floor.
There, Charin was already waiting for me.

‘The time has come…nyon.’

She said softly.

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  1. I forgot about the Spider Shooter Cloud. I expected the fight to be a touch more difficult than it was, but at least we now get to see the loot and the 13th dungeon; that will surely be interesting.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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