Makai Hongi – 37

Chapter 37


I went back to our camp after the meeting was over.

But I had a lot of complaints.

“I suppose I should consider myself lucky that we know what the enemy’s plan is.”

For instance, why the enemy wanted to take the lookout hill.

If they ignored it and went forward, they would have a straight path to the capital.

However, that would mean clashing into General Gorgodan’s forces.

And since we were on the hill, it would be easy for us to attack them from behind.

Well, while we likely did not have the strength to do it, let’s just say that General Gorgodan was able to defeat the enemy and they retreated.

They would have to retreat towards the hill.

So taking this hill now was their safest bet. And it would allow them to advance without worry.

It was because we knew this that we had to protect the hill with our lives.

As long as we could do that, the enemy would not advance.

“…If only there was a peaceful way to end the fighting.”

However, that was practically impossible in this post-apocalyptic world.

And so I had to do what I could.

“All of you. We’ll attack as soon as the enemy starts to build their base. So you better eat and rest while you can.”


There was no need to allow them to build it and then attack us.

We should make the first move and scatter them.

“No…perhaps it will be us who will be scattered?”

I still hadn’t thought of a way to deal with the Gigant Centaur.

The next morning, as we went over orders and coordination, I saw that a cloud of dust was rising in the distance.

Apparently, the enemy had arrived.

According to our theory, they would not be able to ignore us on the hill.

And so they will split up their army in order to deal with us.

“…Just as I expected.”

Unsurprisingly, there was immediate movement among their ranks.

The enemy halted their march in an area that was about two kilometers away from the hill.

It seemed like they were going to make their base there.

And while they seemed to still be looking towards us warily, they would soon have to go around and search for stone and wood to build their fort.

From what I had seen of battles, armies often liked to take their time and chip away at the opposing side until they could find the right strategy.

The reason for this, was that both sides were tough, and things would rarely end with a single battle.

However, we would do something unpredictable. We would launch a surprise attack.

I watched them for a long time, but they didn’t move. They were very cautious of us.

But from what I could see, they seemed to be stacking sandbags.

For the whole day, they worked to build their temporary base.

“We’re prepared here…but they haven’t moved yet.”

I had men watching them during the night as well. But it was quiet.

And when I participated in the meeting, I learned that it was much the same with the others as well.

“They probably mean to launch a counterattack in full force if we attack.”

Perhaps the previous defeat had made them paranoid. The other Commanders agreed that the nervousness of the enemy was palpable.

Such matters were discussed, and then the meeting ended.

The next day, there was movement in the enemy camp. And there was a lot of noise coming from the back of ours.

“The enemy seems to be moving. Their kobolds and orcs have left the camp.”

Rig reported.

“Where did they go?”


Makai Hongi

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