Makai Hongi – 67

Chapter 67


After that, General Farneze and I quickly returned to the mansion.

By the way, it had been her idea to put on that ridiculous charade in front of the Demon King’s messenger.

I had just been roped in. Well, it was pretty fun, though.

Residents of the Demon World had little to do with interactions that had any degree of wit involved. And I had gotten a little carried away. I’ll admit that. I was having fun.

“Gather the others. We must hold a meeting.”

She said, and one of her servants ran out.

Now that was a refreshing sight.

When I gave orders to my subordinates, they would say, ‘aarrrgh!’ or ‘baah!’ and would show no enthusiasm to speak of.

“We were able to contact Felicia.”

“Good. Still, it hurts that Atrasushia is in the castle. If Imalis is in the castle, tell her to come here.”


The General continued to give out orders.

“A notice must be sent out to the town in my name. Is anyone here!”


A few people who were likely civil servants stepped out.

“Write down what I am about to say, so the people may know that a dragon with a Dragon Palace is outside of the town.”

“Right away.”

Both she and her subordinates worked hard. It was satisfying to watch.

She needed to warn those in the town, to ensure that no idiots decided to go out and see it for themselves.

It would be a terrible thing if someone went out there for the sake of curiosity, and managed to anger them.

You never knew when some idiot would attack, thinking that they were strong enough to take on an enemy.

Of course, there was no way they could win. Even if they challenged the dragons, they would be obliterated in a second.

That in itself wouldn’t mean much, only the enemy’s anger could turn to the town next.

And so it was best to hammer the nail in.

“Any who try to go outside of the walls will be attacked without question…”

I listened to her speak, and it turned out to be very severe.

As Vampires could fly, a wall didn’t do much to keep them in.

But if they tried to fly out, they would be killed.

It seemed very extreme, but this was the Demon World. And so I doubted anyone would agree with my opinion.

“Well, I’m sure…a few will try anyway.”

In spite of such harsh measures, some would still try to do it?

And more than one?

“Who would want to escape the walls after hearing that?”

But this was the Demon World.

“Some are incapable of recognizing their true power.”

Now that I thought about it, there had been such ruffians in the town.

In Ogre towns, there were no such people like that. People who were just ‘playing.’

Everyone had a job to do…they were forced to.

Perhaps it was something only seen in the stronger races.

“General Farneze. Imalis has arrived.”

“Good. Tell her to come to the meeting. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Apparently, they were going to discuss the matter.

As her adjutant, Atrasushia was not here, and there wasn’t anyone else who had as much insight on military matters. But for now, this Imalis was to take her place.

She was apparently in charge of the town’s defenses.

It was because of this Imalis, that the General was able to leave the town without worrying.

As for this Felicia that had been brought up earlier, she was apparently in charge of suggesting strategies. A sort of advisor and tactician.

Her appearance was that of a half human and half bird, but not exactly a harpy, as she had the head of a bird.


Makai Hongi

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