Makai Hongi – 55

Chapter 55


As the battle was won, our army was disbanded. And so everyone returned home.

In my case, the wounds were especially bad, and it didn’t look like I would be able to return like the others.

I let Painy lead the Reapers, and put Saifo in charge of the ogres as they returned to the village.

“Damn, this is bad.”

My body was racked with pain. Part of it was probably a reaction from switching back from the other me.

And sore muscles.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t walk at all, but it would at least take a few days to reach the village. And I didn’t want to walk while I was still injured.

Because of this, I decided to stay with the other wounded.

As the plan was to maintain the frontline as long as there was an enemy, there was plenty of food left.

The kobolds took good care of us. If I was able to rest for four or five days, I should recover enough to be able to go home.

That’s what I thought as I lay in bed.

“…Hmm? What’s all this noise?”

This was a place of convalescence for the wounded.

But there was no one here that was so commendable as to be quiet just because of that.

However, everyone who was left was bed-ridden.

It was unusual that anyone here had enough energy to cause a racket.

I wasn’t sure what was happening. But I decided to stay in bed and ignore it.

However, the racket came towards me.

We had nothing so luxurious as real beds. I was just sleeping on a board with a log under my head.

The only thing around me that suggested civilization, was the tent over our heads.

As this was the one thing that saved us from the wind and the rain, it was quite important.

As for who came to visit me…

“Hey, Golan. How are you doing?”

“I’d be in my village if I was doing well, Corps Commander Nehyor.”

“Well, I guess that’s true. But you sound pretty good to me?”

“I could force myself to return, but I’ve decided to rest. That’s all. …So, are you also being treated?”

In my case, I had bandages on my head, arms and legs. But it was different with him.

He was missing a leg.

Vampires always looked a little sickly, but he seemed more gaunt than usual.

“I’ve already been treated. I’m just waiting for my magic to recover. I think that just means eating and resting.”

“Your body is as mysterious as always, Corps Commander.”

His hand could grow back, and he was able to reconnect a severed arm.

Hell, that leg would likely grow back eventually.

“But it will take some time. It’s not very convenient to be missing a leg.”

“I guess.”

“I could just fly, but that would slow down my recovery.”

I see. So Vampires also used mana when flying.

They had to use mana to regrow parts and reconnect limbs. So I understood what he meant.

“Still, everyone here are just ordinary soldiers. I’m sure you have a tent made just for you.”

“Ah, no, no. I came here just to meet you, Golan.”


Makai Hongi

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