Makai Hongi – 55



Why? What was he going to tell me?

“Golan. You did good work in this battle.”

“Yes…I did.”

Was there a hidden meaning behind those words?

“I think…that the General will want to reward you.”

“I see…but, the General? Does the General even know about me?”

“The Kobolds have been very thorough about sending in reports. It’s their responsibility to do so. However, General Farneze doesn’t really bother with the accomplishments of mere Commanders.”

Eh? Was he contradicting himself?

“So, why would you think that he’s going to reward me?”

“Because of what you did, of course. That is not something that can be swept under the rug. No, the General will reward you very soon. Besides, it will encourage the other Commanders.”

I see. A reward for my services.

“I understand. Well, if it happens, I will gladly accept it.”


There’s more?

“If he asks you what you want, I think you should ask for the Neckbone Sword.”

“The Neckbone Sword… What is that?”

“It’s apparently carved from the neckbone of a deep sea dragon. General Farneze has it. It looks a lot like the sword that you have. But I bet it’s much better.”


Corps Commander Nehyor was talking about my katana.

What useful information.

“Well, that’s my advice. Remember it.”

“Thank you for going out of your way to tell me.”

“No problem at all. Goodbye then.”

He said as he left the tent.

“Neckbone Sword, huh… I’ve never heard of a deep sea dragon before.”

Well, I supposed it lived at the bottom of the Demon World sea.

Tens of thousands of meters in the water…no, maybe it was hundreds of thousands?

I couldn’t imagine what kind of dragon would live that far down.

In order to endure the pressure…ah, so that’s why the bones were hard.

A sword made of deep sea dragon bone as a reward… Hmm, couldn’t say I wasn’t interested.

But then again, would he really give me such a thing?

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  1. I bet there is some prophecy about the sword which will be amusing for Nehyor to witness the MC struggle with.

    Like if the General said: “only someone capable of wielding the neckbone sword can marry my daughter!” or “HAHAHA!! C’MON CHALLENGE ME TO GEKOKUJO!! HELL, I WILL EVEN THROW IN MY PRECIOUS NECKBONE SWORD AS A PRIZE!! HAHAHA!! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TAKE THE SWORD AND WE CAN START RIGHT AWAY!!!”

    …or something along those lines.

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