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[VRMMO] Next Stage Online General Thread part1337

1: Anonymous Runner

A general thread to discuss ‘Next Stage Online.’

While most subjects are allowed, party requests, complaints, trolling and bragging have their own threads.

The next thread will be created automatically.

2: Anonymous Runner


3: Anonymous Runner

That pro gamer team that likes to ruin games…

4: Anonymous Runner

Not a single person was able to to survive, or get any rewards. Lol

5: Anonymous Runner

Fuuuuu… Haha.

6: Anonymous Runner


7: Anonymous Runner

There is a different thread for personal insults…

Still, it’s funny how confident they were, and then they lost so badly. Lol

8: Anonymous Runner


9: Anonymous Runner

Sorry, it really is too funny…

10: Anonymous Runner


I haven’t been here for a while? Can someone tell me what’s happening?

Did management do something?

11: Anonymous Runner


Recently, a pro gamer team came into NSO and joined a beginner event. And they were so confident about annihilating the rankings…

12: Anonymous Runner


This pro team called ‘Mad Slime’ announced that they were joining NSO.

And they said they would take it easy on players by messing with beginners first. But they were wiped out without a single one of them making the top 4.

Not only that, but they didn’t earn any rewards, like ‘most kills.’

13: Anonymous Runner


This group was pretty famous for causing chaos in different games. So it’s like the hammer of justice finally got them.

14: Anonymous Runner


Yeah, it really feels like the gaming gods were watching.

15: Anonymous Runner





Thanks. I get the gist of it now.

I’m glad that it wasn’t something that management did.

16: Anonymous Runner

Is Mad Slime really just a bunch of noobs?

I don’t know how they can be a famous pro team.

17: Anonymous Runner


They have a reputation for a reason.

Besides, they acquired pretty good skills and equipment for being under level 10.

To be honest, I didn’t expect them to lose this badly.

Of course, I’m happy they did. Because we get to dogpile on them.

18: Anonymous Runner

People here were expecting a great defeat.

We’re talking about beginner jobs, below level 10. Amateurs. Some of them hadn’t even filled their equipment slots yet.

19: Anonymous Runner

It just means that there are gamers all over the world that just haven’t been recognized yet.

Mad Slime gets attention because they are famous and hated, but there were a few other mid-level teams. And yet the top 3 were all unknowns.

20: Anonymous Runner

Well, you’ll have really low stats if you’re below level 10. The chances of dying will be higher and there will be more accidents.

And most beginners don’t really know what to do in a battle royale, so you’ll see a lot of strange movements.

Though, I hope no one thinks I’m defending them.

21: Anonymous Runner

In the first place, it’s easy for even pros to make mistakes in battle royales. They just got too confident, that’s all.

22: Anonymous Runner



23: Anonymous Runner



24: Anonymous Runner

To be frank, all the other threads are full of talk of the high class battle royales. So there really wasn’t much point to all their posturing.

They might have at least gotten the attention they were so desperate for had they done it in a battle royale after getting their second job.

25: Anonymous Runner

Well, they were still playing at a high level compared to most of the beginners.

But the person who won clearly understands a battle royale.

Gather as many resources as you can and keep your kills at a minimum. Hardly any wasted movement.

A pro gamer perhaps?

26: Anonymous Runner

The first runner up was just lucky.

All they did was run away.

27: Anonymous Runner

But what about the 3rd guy? Was that a bug?

What’s with that kill count.



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