Cave King – 127

Chapter 127 – I took control!


“Alright, the ship is about to enter the dock!”

Erevan shouted. And the monsters started to pull the ropes at once. And like that, the ship that Balpas came in was carried into the dock.

At the same time, the wounded ship’s crew were being treated in a storage house near the shore.

Thanks to the efforts of Rienna and the others who could use magic, no one died.

They were now resting soundly on mattresses.

The men who weren’t wounded were also in the storage house. We could not have them wandering around the island.

Baris stood next to me and said,

“Well, it looks like the storage house and walls turned out to be very useful after all.”

“Yes. This place was going to be made open to the public as a merchant district anyway.”

According to Baris’s city plans, buildings were supposed to be made near the docks so that visitors had places to sleep.

On the other side of the island that had the cave, shops and inns were being constructed to face the sea.

Well, since we didn’t know the true purpose of these men, this storage house should be good enough for them for now.

We kept armed monsters and Golems in the area surrounding the building.

About half appeared to be human and the other half were monsters.

It was as I thought about this that Balpas came running from the storage house.

“Heal! You saved us! Aye, my opinion about you has really changed!”

Balpas came up next to me and slapped my shoulder in a familiar manner.

It was then that Erevan finished bringing the ship into the dock, and he came over to us with an angry expression on his face.

“You!! How dare you touch the Chief so casually!!”

“Wh-what? But we are brothers? I haven’t seen him in a long time. I don’t see what the problem is. Don’t you agree, Heal?”

I didn’t mind being touched in a friendly manner.

However, I was not friends with Balpas, and I knew what his personality was like.

He was plotting something.

As I did not react, Balpas pursed his lips.

“Wh-what is wrong with you? And I was so happy to see you…”

“Brother… We haven’t finished our conversation earlier. Why was the ship in that state?”

I asked, and Balpas sighed as if accepting his fate.

“Haa… Look, Heal. I won’t hide the truth any more. That explosion… I don’t know how, but you people are responsible for it, aren’t you?”

“Explosion… So you were watching us…”

“So, it’s your fault after all. You wrecked our ship.”

When Elto was teaching us magic, Baris and I had caused great waves and explosive winds.

If they were nearby, even a great battleship would be wrecked.

However, that didn’t explain the wounds of the crew.

Those wounds were not from explosive winds and broken wood. They were inflicted by something sharp. In fact, I hadn’t seen a single person with burns or with wooden splinters in them.

“Regarding that, yes, we did cause that explosion. But why did you lie to us then? Besides, those wounds…”

“Who cares about any of that? We can decide who and how we fight as we wish. More importantly, you are going to fix our ship, aren’t you?”

Balpas demanded.

I would have expected him to blame us for wounding the crew as well.

Perhaps he didn’t because that would be too provocative. Or perhaps he realized that it was not very believable.

I nodded.

“Of course, we will repair your ship. However, I do have one question, brother. You two really didn’t come here because of some business?”

“That again. Why should we care to come to some godforsaken island for criminals? Well, perhaps some people might come here if they knew it was like this…”

Balpas’s eyes went towards the World Tree as he continued.

“No one in Sanfaris believes that Sheorl has any worth at all. However, people do talk. Even if I remain quiet, the crew will likely open their mouths as soon as we return.”

“No… I am quite sure it will be you two who open your mouths first.”

“Do-do I really look like a blabber?”

This was the man who constantly sniffed about for rumors in the palace, and was the first to spread them. There was no better description for him.

I nodded without hesitation, and Balpas chuckled.

“Well, one does like to talk…and when it’s a place like this. After all, you are living with monsters.”

And then Balpas’s face became serious.

“What do you intend to do? Who knows what the people in the palace will say?”

“I believe that father already knows… In fact, you all knew, didn’t you?”

I asked, but Balpas tilted his head with a puzzled expression.

This wasn’t going anywhere.

And so I decided to be completely direct.

“Brother…as you can see, this is an island where humans and monsters coexist. And I am the leader of this island.”

“Well, of course you are. You were made the lord, after all.”

Balpas nodded as if this was the most obvious thing.

He was acting like he didn’t know that I had declared myself emperor.

Well, it wasn’t as if I wanted to declare this place an empire and that we were now enemies of Sanfaris. However, I had to tell him what was important.

“Yes. And I have no intention of changing anything, regardless of what our father says. That being said, we also do not wish to go to war.”

“Hoho. Well, what’s wrong with that? Father is not likely to care at all for a remote place like this. I’m sure he will allow it. I doubt he even expects to be paid taxes.”


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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