Jack of all Trades – 321

Night in Yukka


As for the results, we were able to get a room. I wasn’t filthy this time, and our reputations had improved tremendously.

“Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela. I’m so glad to see you both again…!”

The reception was kind of uncomfortable actually.

As for our room…we opted to go for a normal one, instead of the most luxurious room in the inn. We were only going to stay for one night, after all. Not that they didn’t try to push the luxurious suite onto us, but I was firm in my refusal.

“….So, I guess we should go out then.”

“Yes, I am hungry.”

Daniela had already changed her clothes and was hurrying me along. Even as she pushed me,  I got changed and picked up just my bag as we headed out of the room. 

As it was dinner time, there seemed to be a lot of other people going out into town. They must have been looking forward to it too, as they were all smiling.

“Perhaps this is all because the Loup-garou was defeated.”

“I don’t know… But I hope so.”

“After a monster like that was killed? I see no reason why they would not celebrate.”

It had been a tough fight… Terrible, really. I still had scars from those wounds. As my finger started to trace the line on my left cheek, Daniela peered into my face.

“It is a scar of honor.”

“Hmm. I suppose.”

“Mine has faded a little….”

“Ah, wait!”

I stopped Daniela before she pulled her shirt open any further.


“People will see you!”

“That is nothing to me.”

“It should be. I think so.”

“I have no idea what you are saying.”

Daniela gave me an odd look. Perhaps it was something only I could understand. But that was the way things were.

The last time we were in Yukka, we spent most of our time in the inn. We didn’t really go and eat out if I remembered correctly. Still, it had been an eventful stay. There was the brawl at the guild, I had bought a spear, and then I befriended Lehaty. However, the thing that remained in my memory the most was the Loup-garou.

“Do you think we should check out the guild?”

“Why not? We might meet an old friend.”

It just felt right to go to all the familiar spots first. And so we went down the familiar road and headed to the guild.

  □   □   □   □

I pushed open the door and stepped inside. As it was evening, there were quite a lot of people here. A lot of Adventurers sat at the bar with mugs in hand.

“Are bars mandatory facilities for guilds?”

“It seems likely.”

I listened to all the lively sounds as we wandered around the entrance hall. But before I knew it, I was standing in front of the quest board. Was I a workaholic now?

“…I have no idea why I’m looking at this.”

“Well, I suppose it is important in a way. It will give you a feel for what is happening around here.”

Perhaps it was especially important for people like her. Solitary wanderers. People who didn’t stay in any one town. Seeing the hunt requests and other quests gave you an idea of the town’s atmosphere.

After doing a quick scan, I saw that most of them were for monster hunting. However, they were mainly things like goblins, forest wolves, and kobolds.

“Do you think it’s also related to the Loup-garou?”

“I suppose there are a lot of open territories now that the big monster is gone. They are all coming out of their holes. …And big monsters like this one will come out to get them.”

Daniela said as she pointed at a request. It read: Paralyze Viper Hunting Request.

“Paralyze Viper? I don’t think I’ve heard of that one.”

“It is supposed to be a monster…that lives south of the imperial capital. I have heard stories.”


So that meant there was a chance we could bump into it. It might not be a bad idea to just hunt it down while we were here…

“If we kill all of the strong monsters around this town, how will the Adventurers who are based here grow?”

“I guess… You know, I never really thought about it until the stampede. I’ll be more careful from now on when accepting quests.”

“That is good.”

It was part of our job to help the junior Adventurers. Something like that.

“Hah! You’ve not been gone that long and you’re already acting so grand!”


Someone kicked me from behind. Another brawl? I thought with annoyance as I turned around. But the person who was there was one of the Yukka guild workers. Nanaya.

“Ah, it’s been a while.”

“A while? No it hasn’t! Are you famous now?”

Now she was grinding into my stomach with her elbow. It wasn’t exactly painless.

“I heard all about it! The Imperial Sword Tournament! You two sure caused a ruckus!”

“No, we didn’t…”

“Hello, Nanaya. Have you been well?”

Daniela came in to save me.

“Oh, hello! I’m always well!”

“How wonderful.”

There was some small talk after that. Has anything happened recently? What’s the latest trend? Stuff like that. Oh, and then we asked about what happened after the Loup-garou. Word that the black wolf was no more spread throughout the land in the blink of an eye and people started to visit the town again. And so stores were doing very well these days.

It was the same at the guild. Many people had signed up recently. Yes, it had seemed like there were more young people there. Before, there was no point in joining in this town, as you wouldn’t be able to go to the forest.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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