Jack of all Trades – 214

Busy Days – Continued


I watched them drag the thief away from the corner of my eye as we stepped in the line in front of the counter. Other Adventurers stole glances at us, but I decided it wasn’t worth caring about such things. That being said, I was very embarrassed about not noticing the pickpocket myself!



“Excuse me. I would like to rank up.”

“Oh, you want to go the procedures counter over there. Next.”


Ouch. I had thought I might look a little intimidating, now that I had a scar on my face and everything… We left the line and went to the correct counter. There were signs just like in the central guard-house. That was nice… This place had counters I had never seen in any other guild, which made it difficult to navigate. But I guess they had to spread the work out more in places as big as this one…or so I told myself.


“Hello there! I’ve been watching you. You really should be more careful.”


An older man said. He was waiting in front of us and laughed with amusement. Hmm.


“I was being careful. I was just testing his skill.”

“Haha! Well, we’ll pretend like that’s the truth then!”


Condescending…and very tall.


“I’m Sargas. You’re that Asagi fellow, aren’t you?”

“I don’t know if I’m ‘that’ Asagi, but that is my name.”

“Yes. And this lady must be Daniela.”

“I am.”


Oh, this was annoying. To be recognized before you have a chance to introduce yourself. Will I ever know peace again? I won’t forgive you, Bordow.


“The rising stars. The Platinum Wind! I am so lucky to be able to meet you two.”

“That’s nice. Now move forward.”

“Oh, sorry. Don’t look so upset.”


He stepped forward and filled the break in the line.


“So, are you fighting? In the tournament, I mean.”

“I am. That’s why we came here in a hurry.”

“I see. Yes, you should hurry. There are preliminaries after all.”

“There are?”


Sargas then explained that you are separated into groups that you fight in, and the winners get to move on. A battle royale.


“Well, it shouldn’t be any problem for you two.”

“I’ll keep my guard up.”

“Indeed. Or we will have a repeat of what just happened.”



Let’s just forget about that.


  □   □   □   □



“Ah, it’s me. See you later then. I’m just a spectator for this tournament. But good luck.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“We are grateful.”


He had given us some useful information in the end. He waved and then moved over to the counter, where he was promptly berated for taking too much time. 


“Now that I think of it, didn’t we get some kind of recommendation? What is that for?”

“Perhaps it says we are so strong that we do not have to join the preliminaries.”


The letter that Kiralika had given me was sealed, so I hadn’t read it. I could not see it with Eyes of the God Wolf either. It was like the difference of looking under a skirt versus pants. There needed to be an entrance. 


Not that I would do such a stupid thing. After all, I had Daniela.


“Hey, Asagi.”

“What, Daniela?”

“You sounded like you could see what was happening behind the thief… Is that what I think it is?”

“Yeah. My other skill. Eye of the God Wolf.”


After traveling the world and seeing everything, the God Wolf’s eyes were able to see through all.


“I see. That is why your eyes had changed color.”

“What? They did?”

“Aye. They had turned a pretty, silver color.”


I didn’t know that. But I guess I wouldn’t if I couldn’t see them. I wondered if it was the same with Night Eyes.



“Hm? Woah. They are yellow now.”

“I’m using Night Eyes.”

“I never noticed it before, as it was always night when you used it.”

“I think I should call it Demon Eye! The Nightmare Seeker!!”

“You better not.”



I always liked the idea of a demon eye, but Daniela rejected it quickly. Well, maybe ‘Distance Sight’?




Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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