Jack of all Trades – 214


Oh, we just got called. I allowed my feelings of sadness to disperse and stepped forward. Sargas had already left.


“I’d like to rank up. Both of us.”

“Very well. Please give me your status cards.”



I took them out of the bag and put them on the counter. Daniela also needed to rank up. Neither of us had done this for a long time. We were both a little negligent, I guess.


“You will be A-Rank, Mister Asagi. And you as well, Miss Daniela.”

“Oh, I caught up.”

“Took you long enough.”


There were quite a few times I racked up a ton of points while alone…still, the day had come…I was quite moved by the thought.


“I will process this right away. Please wait in the waiting room over there.”

“Waiting room…right.”


I remembered it now. That claustrophobic space that resembled a smoking room. I had played with some magic as a way of killing time. It caused a little scene. I wouldn’t repeat it.


We left our status cards with the guild worker and went to the waiting room with its stuffy air. I realized then that these rooms were the same in any city. I could hardly breathe.


“Here are your status cards. Congratulations. You are both A-Rank.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Thank you.”


We accepted our status cards and moved away from the counter. I was finally the same rank as Daniela…yes, that made me quite happy.


“We must celebrate today.”

“Let’s go eat when this is all done.”


“What do you want?”


I had a big smile on my face as I waited for Daniela’s answer. She looked at me very seriously and whispered.





  □   □   □   □


After leaving the guild behind us, we followed our map and walked northwestward. After a few corners and streets, the number of Adventurers began to increase. We were almost there. Just one more corner…


“Woah, that’s huge.”



The Imperial Arena. Its official name was the ‘Radelia Shvein Arena.’ A huge colosseum of sorts. A little plain compared to the colosseums I was used to seeing. Its walls showed engravings of swords and shields. The pillars were men with bulging muscles who held up the roof. It was all very overwhelming.

When I looked away from the area, I saw a small building to the side. Adventurers and military men were going in and out of the doors. I suppose that was where we needed to go. As we walked towards it, I rummaged in my bag for the letter of recommendation. I could not forget that.


We passed an angry, stiflingly formal-looking gentleman and an immodestly dressed lady by the entrance and went inside. It was still hot. And it was very crowded.

Several tables had been prepared inside, and everyone seemed to be writing. Those who could not write had someone write for them. So they must be entry sheets of some sort.

And so Daniela and I picked ours out of a basket and began filling them in with a pen. It was like a resume.


Once we were done, we looked around the room. Where were we supposed to submit them…





Daniela tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the back. There was a door and a man holding the sheet had just gone through it. At the same time, others were coming out.


“There must be something there.”

“Pretty obvious what that is.”


There would be some kind of screening, I bet. And so Daniela and I headed towards the door, slowly, so we didn’t disturb the others.

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