Jack of all Trades – 215

A Successful Entry


It turned out that the door led to the outside of the building, where there was a field with several tents set up. There were signs next to the tents that read ‘G-Rank’ and ‘F-Rank’ etcetera.


“Are stones and obsidian treated as the same?”

“Well, obsidian ranges from Level 6 to 20. Those closer to E-Rank would have an advantage, but sometimes ore has abilities that exceed them. It is an interesting group.”


Your honed skills and strength were important as you got stronger. As did your experience. However, lower-ranking Adventurers had little of that. And so their wisdom, speed, and imagination played a larger part in their victory. There had been a time when I made vine ropes and used knives to fashion wooden spears…


“That is us over there.”


Daniela pointed with her chin. There was a tent and a sign that read ‘A-Rank.’ Uhuh. Ruby.


And so we took our entry sheets to the tent.


It was an ordinary tent inside. A single long table. Two chairs. And an old man who sat on the other side of the table.


“Are you A-Rank?”


“I am.”

“Good. Unfortunately, you have to come in one at a time. You can be after her. I feel like talking to a pretty lady.”

“Well, there you go. Out, Asagi.”



That’s not very nice. I might have to express my displeasure.


Instead, I left the tent and waited for five minutes. Daniela came out and then I went in. The fact that she looked a little smug annoyed me.


“Well, there was no problem with Miss Daniela. …Bah, it’s just a little confirmation of your rank and skill. Official stuff. You can put your sword away.”

“…Oh, sorry.”


I let go of the ice sword and it evaporated into the air. Then I took a seat.


“Alright. Put your status card and entry sheet down here.”



I put them both on the table. The old man ran the card through the reader and then looked at the entry sheet while he waited.


“Hmm…everything seems to be in order. You really are an A-Ranker. Hmm, oh…you have three Unique Skills. The gods must really love you.”

“It’s a coincidence.”

“We’ll say it is then. Now, I’ve confirmed your rank and the entry sheet. Now, I must explain to you the rules of the tournament. Listen carefully.”


He pulled out a sheet of paper and pointed while he talked.


“First, there are preliminaries. We separate you all before the real battle. This is determined by rank and the number of contestants. But you and Miss Daniela can skip this part. You have it, don’t you?”

“You mean this.”


I put the recommendation on the table.


“Yes, a recommendation from a Guild Master. If you have one of these, you can skip the preliminaries and go straight to the main games. You are quite lucky. These things are rarely issued. In fact, only three have gotten them this time. And that’s including you two.”


“Aye. But then again, it’s really just a matter of being a strong Adventurer who is also good friends with a Guild Master.”

“That sounds a little dodgy.”

“What? Use what you can. And what you can’t. Isn’t that what the strong do?”


He was probably right.


“Well, never mind about that. You’ll be split into groups again for the main fight. However, unlike the battle royale of the preliminaries, it’s one-on-one. Ultimately, the tops of each group will fight. In this tournament…yes. You will probably be split into four groups.”

“Is that a lot?”

“We’re expected to have about two hundred people. So they will be divided into groups of fifty. There are exceptions, but it’s usually depending on rank. And two people are chosen from each group to go to the finals. So that’s eight in all.”

“That’s a lot of people…”

“A lot of people showed up this year. However, there’s been up to eight hundred in the past.”



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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