Jack of all Trades – 215


And if they were split into groups of fifty…that’s sixteen groups. That really was a lot…


“The preliminaries will begin in the Radelia Shvein Arena in two weeks. One group per day, so it will take four days. And then there is one day of rest before the real game.”

“In other words, I won’t fight until twenty days from now?”


I see. We had come in a hurry, but being exempt from the preliminaries had given us quite a lot of free time. Well, I was not going to complain about that.


“You can go on quests or just rest while you wait. Though, if I were you, I would watch the games and observe my rivals.”

“I intend to do just that.”

“You’re a careful one. Brilliant.”


As a jack of all trades and master of none, I had to do my research if I wanted to do well. Thankfully, ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ was a reliable partner.


“That’s about it then. Any questions?”

“Hmmm… Not really.”

“Well, you can always come back if you think of anything. Have a good day and good luck in the tournament.”


He stood up and offered his hand. I stretched out my hand to accept. However, he quickly pulled his back.


“Sorry-sorry. I just realized. I’d rather not shake your hand after Daniela. It’ll overwrite it.”

“I’ll do my best in the games. Thank you.”



I used my high AGI to grab his hand and overwrote whatever it was he thought was there. This was just the thing to do to these old men. Asshole.


In any case, I was able to enter the tournament. And the recommendation from Kiralika had allowed us to skip the preliminaries. All in all, things were going very well.


  □   □   □   □


Daniela and I left the arena and we walked to a nearby diner. We would have a late breakfast. Or lunch. I was starving, as Daniela’s waking habits had forced us to skip breakfast. I didn’t even care what was on the menu. And so we rushed into the first building that we saw.


“Sorry, but do you have anything that’s really filling?”

“I would recommend our ‘Meat of Love and Hate’ lunch set.’”


“I as well.”


 I was starting to regret our rash decision to come here. On closer inspection, it had a fancy, almost gothic look to it. A little chaotic. Even a maid cafe would have a tighter concept. The waitresses were…gothic lolita…? I didn’t know much about that, but it seemed like something Daniela would be interested in. Yeah, she was looking.


“You seem to like this place.”

“I-I-I do not!”

“Huh? Don’t you like meat?”

“What? Oh, yes. I cannot live without it.”


Her face had gone red and she was clearly uncomfortable. Still, she was looking at the waitresses. Perhaps we could find some nice clothes stores here.


“By the way, Daniela. Will you ever wear that dress again?”

“Oh, umm. It…”



Daniela mumbled incomprehensibly. 


“That…yes. It…is for when we go out together… So next time, perhaps?”


She said as she looked up, shyly at me. How dare she look so cute…!


“Alright. We can go out once I’ve bought all my equipment. We can go sightseeing.”



She fidgeted and nodded. I was so weak.


“Here you go. Enjoy.”


And then, bam! Two sets of ‘Meat of Love and Hate’ were set out in front of us. Woah, there was a lot… I wasn’t sure I would be able to eat it all. Well, I was quite hungry.


“Let’s eat.”



As always, she didn’t wait for a second. I chuckled and bit into my own oversized steak.

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