Tensei Kenja – 117

The Enemy Came After All


But don’t get close to the volcano itself! If you encounter a Fire Dragon, it might evaporate you!’




‘It’s scary, so I won’t go near it!’


It would be too late if the Blue Moon of Salvation were already inside. But that wasn’t likely.


After all, not much time had elapsed since the appearance of the Fire Dragon.

Unless they were the ones who had summoned the Fire Dragon, then they wouldn’t have started to move until after it appeared.

And if we started moving at the same time, then we would be faster, since the Proud Wolf was faster than any horse.


‘We finished surrounding it!’


‘Good job! …Then, keep it up for a while! You can decide for yourselves if it’s too dangerous to stick around.’




And then I returned to the inn.

As it was possible we would be thrown into a state of emergency, the best thing to do was to reserve my energy.

After all, what the slimes needed for support was magic.


And so I would avoid leaving the inn.

That way, I wouldn’t be forced to fight and have my MP depleted.


‘Do you sense the Fire Dragon’s presence?’


‘I do!’


‘If the Fire Dragon comes close to you, you should all retreat! Safety first.’




I said as I watched them.


Apparently, it took three days for the Fire Dragon to leave once it has appeared.

If I was to keep the security net up the whole time, then the slimes would have to take shifts.


…As I pondered this, one of the slimes started shouting.


‘Someone’s coming!’


‘Is it a guild investigator?’


‘Hmm…I don’t think so! He’s carrying a strange barrel! What a creep!’


A barrel…

A human that wanted to antagonize the Fire Dragon would probably use water.

So there was probably water in the barrel.


‘Continue hiding over there. Wait until they come closer.’




After a while, the figures approached the slimes.

They were talking as they walked.


“Tsk… Why do we have to go and provoke the Fire Dragon.”


“It’s an order from our client.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Ok, this is quite something. Imagine being ordered to go up a volcano with a barrel of water, just to play a stupid prank on a huge fire breathing lizard. You’ve got to feel sorry for that minion. But slimes don’t have to, they can just finish him and still be fine, because they are adorable 😛

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