Tensei Kenja – 77

Magic Tool Creation Was Very Useful


“There should be no problem now.”


“Th-thank you! It’s not much, but please take this as a sign of gratitude!”


Someone who must have been a friend of the patients came out and thanked me while handing me money.

They said it wasn’t much, but it was actually quite a lot.


It was probably the money they had prepared for the doctor.

I accepted it gladly.


Speaking of which…


“Do you have any idea as to why they fell unconscious?”


“I sensed that there was something bad with the air…could that be related?”


“Yes, that is the reason. …The smoke that rises when you burn something contains a toxin known as carbon monoxide. And so you must ventilate the room at the same time. There is so much air outside that it doesn’t matter if you burn something out there.”


I said as I looked at Zyce’s house.

There was no chimney.


“…But, don’t they burn firewood all the time in the cold countries? And they don’t ventilate either, do they?”


“They use chimney’s to let the smoke escape. The houses are built with the burning of firewood in mind. …And they also use a different kind of firewood. Firewood that isn’t properly dried will create more smoke.”


As they did not have a chimney, that meant the house didn’t have a fireplace.

So they probably tried to stuff their cooking stove with lots of firewood instead.

Basically, it should be no surprise they would get poisoned.


Rikardo was supposed to be a warm place.

So they were not used to having to deal with the cold.

None of the houses were built with the use of firewood in mind.


“Someone else fell unconscious in a similar way before… He didn’t have a chimney either.”


“But I don’t know the right timing to ventilate.”


The right timing…

Yes, perhaps that was difficult.

With poisonous gases, it tended to thicken very slowly, and it was usually too late by the time you realized it.


…Maybe I could use magic to make a tool that could measure the amount of carbon monoxide?

I thought as I looked through my list of magic.


And then…I found something perfect.

‘Magic Tool Creation—Poison Detection.’


It didn’t seem to be exclusive to carbon monoxide, but that was fine.

Still, it was weird that I had such niche magic like this but nothing that allowed me to fly.


‘Magic Tool Creation—Poison Detection.’


I chanted silently–and then one of the small stones at my feet began to shine.

After a few seconds, the stone stopped glowing.

…Did that mean it was now a magical tool?


I wondered as I picked it up and brought it to the window of Zyce’s house.

And then I opened the window.

The carbon monoxide in the room should now be thick enough to kill any who inhaled it for long enough.


And then…

There was a high-pitched ring as the stone began to glow and vibrate.

When I pulled the stone away from the window, the light and vibration weakened.


It seemed that the stone did work as a detection device.

This was the first time I used Magic Tool Creation…and it turned out to be very useful.


I thought this as I gathered more pebbles from the ground and turned all of them into magic tools until I thought we had enough.


“You can each take one of these with you. When the stone starts to glow, that’s when you should ventilate the room. …Or if you feel that the air is bad before that, then you should just open the window.”


“Yo-you just made these right now!?”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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