Tensei Kenja – 16

I Went To Gather Some Herbs


‘So, which way should I go?’


I asked the slimes as I left the guild.

The only thing I knew about Healia plants were the name and the general shape.

I would be relying on the slimes when it came to finding them.


‘Over there!’


As they said this…the slime that was on my shoulder turned into something like a pincushion or sea urchin.

It was like thorns were protruding from all over the place.


This was probably because the united slime was trying to point in different directions all at once.

While the slimes were united in body, they were not in mind.


‘…So, what you really mean is that I can just go in any direction?’


‘Yes! They grow everywhere!’


…I see.

Then I could just walk in a random direction.

I thought as I left the town.


And then I closed my eyes and rotated a bit before stopping randomly.

So now I would truly be choosing a spot at random.


‘So, I’ll be able to find the herbs if I go this way?’




‘Well, here we go then.’


I said as I started to walk in the forest.

…And then a few minutes passed.


‘There they are!’


The slimes had found the Healia grass.

I tried picking some up and saw that it really did look like the illustration I had seen in the guild.

So this was what I needed to collect.


‘Alright, split up and search for more! But let me know if things look dangerous!’




The slimes said as they went deeper into the forest.

However…it didn’t seem like they were finding much.

As slimes were very short, their vision was limited.


Still, I wished there was a way to get a lot at once… Oh, I know.

I was a Tamer. So I could use my power to strengthen the slimes.

And there was a perfect skill for that…yes.


“Tamer Skill. Perception Strengthen!”


I used the skill. Then I started to hear the voices of the slimes from all over the forest.




‘I can suddenly see more!’


‘I found a leaf that doesn’t taste good!’


It seemed that it had worked quite well.

…However…there was something that made me worry.


‘Hey, aren’t you guys scattering a bit too far out?’


I thought that it would be harder for them to protect themselves if they were spread out so far.

But…it seemed like the slimes didn’t sense any danger.



‘Yuji! It’s a monster! Help!’


‘…Fine. Magic Transfer–Fireball!’



‘A monster came!’


‘Right. Magic Transfer–Fireball.’





‘Magic Transfer, Fireball.’





‘Magic Transfer-’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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