Tensei Kenja – 16


Like that, the slimes made no attempt to defend themselves. And they pushed all of the responsibility onto me.

Well, all I really had to do was transfer the magic, so it wasn’t exactly difficult for me.


…And then several hours passed after we started to gather the herbs.

I now had a big pile of Healia grass that the slimes had collected.


“Woah, that’s quite a lot! You guys did very well!”




I then used ‘Appraisal’ just to make sure, and saw that there were no fakes mixed in.

At the same time, I took the monsters we had hunted back with us.


‘This is quite the catch. Still, next time try to hide instead of always relying on me to protect you. I can’t use Magic Transfer in multiple locations at the same time. Also, if you encounter an enemy, let me know as soon as possible!’




Yes, yes. They were an honest bunch.


‘Alright, let’s go home for the day. You can combine now.’




And then I put the slime on my shoulder and returned to the town.

I wanted to make a report at the guild.


I knew things would be fine regarding the herbs, but I was hoping I could make some extra money with the monsters I had hunted as well.

I thought about this as I headed for the counter.


“I’d like to report the completion of the quest.”


“Oh, yes! The Healia Grass one, isn’t it? How many did you gather?”


It was the same receptionist who had given me my guild card.

It was pretty impressive that she remembered what quest I was doing.


“…Around 300, I think.”


I said as I put the Healia grass on the counter after taking it from the slime.


Slime bodies were able to store things, so I had it hold them for me.

Even though the slime stored something that was clearly larger than its body, its shape didn’t change at all. It was strange but very useful.


“Three…three hundred?”


“Yeah. I didn’t exactly count them, so it’s just an estimate.”


“…Mister Yuji, didn’t you just accept this quest in the morning?”


“Yes, the morning.”


Well, it might have actually been closer to midday.

The sun had been quite high when I visited the guild.


“…But, that is quite strange, isn’t it?”


“No, I don’t see how it is…”


I just went to the forest and gathered some herbs.

Or so I thought…had I somehow done something strange?

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  1. Minor character: That’s strange!
    Most other OP MCs: Oh crap, I did something out of the norm again!
    Yuji: Nope, thats completely normal.

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