Tensei Kenja – 17

The Job of Being an Adventurer was Easy


“I think that this amount is just ridiculous… You wouldn’t have gone out and bought them, would you?”


“No, I just got them from the forest.”


…So she thought that there were too much.

Well, maybe this was too much for a newcomer. After all, it was because of the slimes.


However, even with the help of the slimes, it was my first time gathering herbs.

I had assumed that I would be no match for veterans who knew the best spots to search by heart.


“But now that I look at it, they are too fresh to be store-bought… No store would sell herbs this fresh in the hundreds. …And in such good condition too! They usually get a little damaged while being transported… How did you carry them back?”


“Like this. …Here, put this away.”




I said as I gave the slime on my shoulder some Healia grass.

The slime then stored it into its body.


“Now give it back.”




The Healia grass came back out of the slime and I handed it to the receptionist.

She looked at all of this with some surprise.


“…Slimes can do that?”


“Yeah. I don’t know if all slimes can do it, but mine can.”


This was likely due to the Tamer skill, ‘Slime Storage.’ So if someone else wanted their slime to do it, they would have to acquire that skill.


“Th-that’s amazing… Very well. I will send them off to be appraised, so please wait here a moment.”


She said as she disappeared into the back.

There was another grass that looked similar to Healia grass.

So they probably needed to check to make sure none of that had got mixed in.


I talked with the slime as I waited. After a few minutes, the receptionist returned.

Then she looked at me and said in an excited voice,


“It’s amazing! They were all Healia grass!”


“…That’s amazing?”


The quest was to go and gather Healia grass. It seemed obvious that you shouldn’t come back with something else.


“It is amazing! Usually, people come back and half of it is Leraia grass!”



Was the work of an Adventurer so careless…?

Well, I had used ‘Appraisal’ to check them, and the slimes knew about Healia grass. So this was mainly because of them.


“…Does that mean you will buy all of them?”


“Of course! With this amount, you have completed the quest several times over, which means you are closer to ranking up! …It will go up even more if you take H or G-rank quests!”


…I see. So if you bring in a lot, it is treated as completing it multiple times.

As for completing H-rank quests…hmm.


“Hey, these H or G-rank quests. They would include monster hunting, wouldn’t they?”


“Of course…but why do you ask?”


“I killed quite a lot of monsters while gathering the herbs. And I thought maybe some of them would have been for certain quests.”


“Well, you would need to bring back proof of the hunt for it to count as completion…”


Proof of the hunt, huh?

I had only just come into this world, so I didn’t know what parts I was supposed to take.

Well, I took the entire thing, so it wasn’t really a problem.


“Bring them out then.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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