Tensei Kenja – 17




I said, and the slime started to spit out the monsters.

The first was a small boar-like monster.

I hadn’t really picked which monsters to kill, so I was just hoping that there would be some attached to a quest.


…I thought this as I accepted the monster from the slime…

But then the receptionist raised her voice in surprise.


“Hey, wait a minute! Did you buy that monster?”


“…No, I just hunted it normally.”


She heard this and then turned pale.


“Uh…I hope I am wrong, but this forest you gathered herbs in… It wouldn’t be the mountain you reach after leaving the town from the east, would it?”



Yes, I think we did leave the town from the east.

I walked randomly after that, but I do think we had headed towards a mountain.


“I don’t remember it too well, but I think so. …It wasn’t a forbidden area, was it?”


“No, it’s just that no one would go to such a dangerous place just for herbs…”



It was a dangerous place then.


Yes, it did seem like the slimes were encountering monsters quite a lot.

There weren’t any strong monsters, but it was perhaps dangerous for a new Adventurer to go first thing after pulling an all-nighter.


I thought about this before returning to the subject at hand.


“…So, can I get anything for this?”


“Ye-yes! It’s a crash boar. You do not have to accept a quest for it, and it is rank E!”



A monster who dies by a single fireball is E? Not G or H?

Isn’t that a little high?

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  1. “dies by a single fireball”

    YEAH, from a SAGE. You already heard and saw that your fireballs were extraordinarily powerful when getting tested, dummy.

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