Tensei Kenja – 18

I Accepted a ‘Safe Quest’


“Uh…this is really an E-rank monster?”




…This is an E-rank?

Not just the dragon, but the other monster I defeated before arriving in the town seemed a lot stronger…


–Ah. I get it. It’s numbers.

There were a lot of these guys in the forest.


They are E-rank because they are dangerous in large groups.

In that case, the quest won’t be complete with just one.


“…How many of them do I have to kill to complete the quest?”


“Just the one.”



My guess had been wrong.


“In that case…will my rank go up now?”


“Uh…we do not disclose any details about the criteria, but I do believe you will rank up after doing this much. …Let me go ask about it.”


She said as she disappeared towards the back of the guild.

She returned after a few minutes with an elderly man.


His tag read, ‘Manager: Agias.’

He was apparently very important.


“…So you are the famous Yuji?”


He said as he looked at me carefully.

Uhh…If I remember correctly, we were supposed to keep it casual.


“Yeah. …Have you heard anything about me then?”


“Of course. After all, no one had entered the special bracket or become a B-rank Scout in over fifteen years. How could I not know? The guilds information department talk about nothing but these rumors surrounding you.”


…That’s how they’re treating me…

I had never heard of the information department before, but it was likely where they searched for information regarding Adventurers.


“So… There are a few things I want to confirm. Is that alright?”


So saying, Agias put something that looked like a large round jewel on the desk.


It was probably a magic stone.

I had never cut open a monster, but they apparently had these stones inside of them that were used for magic tools.


“Yeah. Sure.”


I said, and so the manager began to ask me questions.


“Alright. The first question then. …During the registration test, did you use your own power and the power of the slime alone?”




I answered. The manager looked down at the magic stone on the desk.

There was no visible change to it.


“The next question. Did you gather the Healia grass you brought in today yourself? And did you also kill the monster?”


“The slimes gathered the Healia grass. And they helped me defeat the monster.”


Again, the stone did not react.

Seeing this…the manager smiled with satisfaction.


“Yes. There is no deceit here.”


…I had had my suspicions, but the magic stone was apparently a lie detector.

This world was amazing. They could ask you questions and know if you were lying.


“Alright, you will be allowed to level up then. Rank G on the same day you registered…to be honest, it’s a new record.”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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