Tensei Kenja – 89

We Found Treasure




‘We’ll take it all!’


This village was a treasure trove of information for the mysterious Blue Moon of Salvation.

This information didn’t seem worth putting myself at risk, but if I was going to blow the whole thing up with Hellfire of Death anyway, then I might as well get some information while I could.


And so it seemed like sending in slimes and using Slime Storage was the most efficient way.

Even if they got suspicious about their stuff going missing, they weren’t going to be able to find the slimes, which were covered in concealment magic.

Even more so after I used Hellfire of Death.


‘Here’s some!’


‘I got it!’




‘This stuff looks very complicated!’


The slimes said as they continued to steal everything in sight.

As for the residents…the members of Blue Moon of Salvation seemed to be busy searching for the magic stones. There was hardly anyone left in the buildings. So the slimes could take whatever they wanted.

But for all their searching, there wasn’t even a single magic stone left.


‘Will they find out?’


‘Of course, they will. So hurry up and gather information so you can get out of there.’


Still, I doubted any of them could have imagined that slimes were currently in their village and taking all of their possessions.

The only people currently guarding the village were near the entrance. There was no one who was inside.


But…it would be naive to think this situation would last for long. After all, it would just take one person to come back after forgetting something, and they would immediately notice the change.


But it wasn’t possible to gather information without being noticed.

And so I wanted to gather as much as I could before we were caught.

Then I would have the slimes evacuate into safety.


‘Yuji! There’s a basement!’


‘A hidden room!’


A slime who had entered a room that had been locked particularly well, shouted to me.

I looked in the direction it was pointing and saw a small gap between two bookshelves.


There was likely some contraption that caused the shelves to move and reveal the hidden room.

I was impressed that the slime was able to find it…


‘I don’t know how to move the shelves. Can you still get inside?’




The slimes said as they slid through the gap between the shelves.

What was on the other side…was a mass of gold coins and precious stones—and a mountain of what was surely human bones.








It seemed like they had found the town vault.

Maybe these funds were what allowed the Blue Moon of Salvation to operate.


As for the piled skeletons, they almost all had slashes near the head or neck.

It was clear that they had not died peacefully.

And there were at least 100 of them.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Them slimes, going on an adventure. They find gold *yey, jewelry *nice, bones *ok, tasty leaves *YAY. Truly adorable bundles of joy, or in this case, bouncy puddings of joy.

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