Tensei Kenja – 106

It Was Very Effective




I used Shared Senses to borrow the slimes’ detection ability.

And then I saw that there was a monster in that location.


Usually, the slimes used the ability to find monsters themselves and then tell me about it…but it seemed like they were too preoccupied in communicating with the new guy, and so they had not noticed.


‘Hey. Is that a Lesser Fire Dragon?’


‘…Oh, it is!’


The slimes sounded very shocked as they answered.

And then they started panicking.


‘There are lots of monsters!’


‘Ahhh! Yuji! Help me!’


‘They’re all Lesser Fire Dragons!’


Only the new slime was able to tell me that they were Lesser Fire Dragons.

…It was a good thing we had recruited him.


However, it was awfully carefree of them to come all this way into an area filled with monsters, and not realize it.

Were they really wild monsters…?


‘Help you? I came here to hunt them down.’


‘But my mom told me that Lesser Fire Dragons are scary!’


Usually, the slimes were protected by my magic, and so they charged into anything without fear.

But… It seemed like Lesser Fire Dragons were monsters that slimes were actually afraid of.

They had not been like this in front of the Blue Dragon of Delight. And yet now, they were hesitating.


And then—the new Red Slime announced in a loud voice.


‘Senior Slimes! You can beat Lesser Fire Dragons with water!’


‘Water? What do you do with it?’


The slimes asked the Red Slime.

And then the Red Slime answered loftily.


‘Hmm… I don’t know!’


…Apparently, it did not know how you were supposed to do it.

So I would have to figure it out myself.


‘Well, I have magic called Water Discharge. I should be able to do it with that.’


‘Yuji. Will you protect us?’


‘Can you really beat a Lesser Fire Dragon?’


They asked me in worried voices. It made me feel worried as well…

But I had to try.


‘I’m going to try it alone. You guys run and hide.’






‘I’m going to go hide too!’


The slimes said as they all hid in the ground.

The Proud Wolf also went and hid—which was quite normal for him.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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