Jack of all Trades – 212

Lodging Facility


We followed Miss Licoris through the streets of the northern district.


“…And this building to the right here is the gym…”

“I see…”

“To the left is the bathing facility. Once you have cleaned and refreshed yourself, you can go to the food district and satisfy your appetites…”



It was like being on a tour. To be honest, I didn’t care about any of this stuff at all. I wanted to get to our inn…





Daniela whispered in my ear. I had a bad feeling about this.


“Tell her to stop wasting our time…”

“You tell her… I’m too tired…”

“As I have said many times…there is this curse…”

“You really need to think of a better excuse…”


You go. No, you go. We jabbed and elbowed each other as we walked. Which was fine, until my foot got caught on hers and I tripped forward and fell. On my face.


“A-are you alright!?”

“Yeah… No problem at all…”

“Yo-your nose is bleeding! We should take you to the medical facility…!”


NO! It will be nightfall by the time we reach the inn!


“I’m sorry, Miss Licoris. But I just want to lie down and get some rest…”

“I-I see… Oh, yes. I am supposed to be taking you to the inn…”


She finally remembered her purpose for being here… Well, the damage had been worth taking then…

I pulled out a clean cloth from the hollow bag and pressed it against my bleeding nose as Miss Licoris led us to the inn…or lodging facility.


  □   □   □   □


“This is the lodging facility for imperial military personnel. Please come inside.”


A large building stood in front of us. It really was huge. Miss Licoris had been very insistent on explaining it to us on the way. According to her, the place was like a temporary dormitory. It was used by those who worked at night, or as a place to stop before patrols. It was also used as a resting area. There was a bathing room and an area to do your laundry. An all-round convenient place to live in.


The entrance was also quite large. There were tables and chairs to rest, a front desk, and a hallway to the dining hall. Also, stairs to the second floor. It all looked good to me.


We went to the front desk first. It was close to the entrance on the right side. A young man with glasses worked behind it.


“Hello, Hipericam.”

“Hmm…ah, Licoris. It’s you.”


He looked up at us with a lazy expression.


“Mister Asagi and Miss Daniela here need your permission to use this facility.”

“…So they had the pass then?”

“Yes. Mister Asagi, if you please.”

“Right, here it is.”


I took it out from the bag and handed it over.


“Hmm… What happened to your nose?”

“I fell.”

“Hmm… Well, it is real, I can see that. You can sign right here then.”


And so I wrote my name on the list on the counter. Daniela also picked up the pen and signed her name.


“Good. You may now use the facility. Please remember to sign again on your departure.”

“Thank you. I see it’s quite simple then.”


I had assumed the process would be more complicated…


“People who have priority passes have to be treated well. Of course, the military also does what it can for ordinary civilians and tourists, but those with priority passes are a priority.”


So that’s what it means… It still felt pretty odd.


“Here we believe that guests would prefer things to proceed quickly and smoothly. Just like in the military.”


I guess military personnel just had to sign their names and they could use the facility.

Interesting. Stress-free. The priority pass was a wonderful thing.


“Oh, you should go to the central guard-house later. Though, it can be tomorrow.”


“They will give you a bracelet in exchange for the pass. It’s much more convenient that way.”


I see. So there would be no need to flash the card every time. They wanted things to be as smooth as possible here.


“Got it. We’ll visit it later on then.”

“Mmm. Here is your key. It’s room sixteen on the third floor.”

“Thank you.”

“Please enjoy your stay.”


He gave me the key and promptly returned to whatever he was doing on his desk. He would help us when needed but was much more interested in other things. That’s what it looked like.


We moved over to the tables with Miss Licoris. There was a magic device here that created drinking water. We filled some cups and then sat down at a table.



“Thank you.”

“Thank you, Asagi.”


Don’t mention it. I smiled and took a seat. My nose had stopped bleeding.


“My mission as your tour guide is now complete.”


She said with a polite bow after taking a sip of water.


“I’m sorry that it took longer than expected.”

“No-no, don’t worry about that. We got here in the end.”

“Yes. And we learned some very useful information that will come in handy during our stay.”

“Hehe. I am happy that you think so.”


After that, she gave us a brief explanation of the facility before getting up to leave. She gave a quick salute and then we parted ways. And with that, we went up the stairs and to room 316.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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