Jack of all Trades – 264

Potion Shop and Tailor


We separated from Aeneus and continued then on while relying on the map from the guild. It was just around the corner.


“Harvey’s Potions. …Yeah, this is it.”


I compared our position to the map just to make sure. Yes, it was fine. This was the place that the guild had recommended.


“Let us go then.”

“Ah, wait up.”


Daniela already had her hand on the door. She never liked to talk with clerks, and yet she was often the first through the door… But all the negotiating would be up to me.


I followed after her. The interior was quite dark. I had heard of chemicals that change color under sunlight, so maybe it was similar to that… There were rows of shelves that went all the way to the back. And they were lined with a great variety of bottles in different shapes and colors. It was pretty crazy, but I liked it.

We moved through the narrow space between the shelves until we reached the counter. However, there was no one there.


“Hmm… What to do…”

“They must be in the back.”



Daniela stared towards the back. How did she know? Then she looked at me and sighed.


“Did it not occur to you to use Presence Detection?”



I had forgotten completely. I used to use it all of the time in town, back when the skill level was low. It was so I could raise it. But I tended to have it switched off now that I had caught up with Daniela. That was a huge waste. Really. And yeah, there was someone back there. One person. Maybe we could call out and be noticed. As for Daniela…she was cursed, apparently.




I called out. After a few seconds, I felt the presence getting closer. That was good. I wouldn’t need to shout again. I didn’t like doing that.


“Yes-yes. What can I do for you?”


A kind-looking older man appeared. He had a white beard that looked very soft.


“Uhh, I want a few normal healing potions and some recovery potions for status effects.”

“What about quality?”


Right, quality. The ones with more vibrant colors were supposed to be better. Bright green was good for healing wounds and bright yellow for recovering energy. It was pretty weird that drinking something could close your wounds, but that was how things worked in this world.


“On the higher end, please.”

“Yes, certainly.”


The old man nodded as he came out from behind the counter and started to move around the store. We followed him to a shelf that was lined with particularly bright bottles.




He grabbed a green bottle and a yellow bottle first.


“Is this high enough for you?”



I tried to look like I knew what I was doing for a second, before deciding to ask Daniela.


“Is it?”

“I think it is rather good. The color is bright. It might even heal a limb that is about to fall off.”


It was a nice green, but that seemed insane… How much would it cost…?


“How much for one bottle?”

“Thirty pieces of gold.”


Woah. Well, I suppose it was cheap if you considered the price of the loss of a limb?


“Asagi, we should buy it. Buy a few.”


It must be a good deal for Daniela to make such a quick decision. And with that, I unloosened my purse strings.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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