Jack of all Trades – 264


In the end, we left with six yellow and green bottles each and three red ones that were good for burns. I also got six blue ones that healed frostbite and three purple restoratives. I even managed to get four of the white petrification potions I had been wanting. They were all expensive, but it was worth it. From what I heard from Daniela, there were other status effects like paralysis, but potions for them were rare to nonexistent. 

However, there were a lot of potions that surprised me. Like the ones for illnesses. Luckily, neither of us had gotten sick so far. Even a cold would slow us down considerably. There were hospitals, but they were mainly for treating wounds. As far as I knew, this world didn’t have much in the way of anti-virus measures. So it was pretty great that we were able to get these potions.

“Thank you. We’ll feel much safer as we travel now.”

“No, thank you. And please be careful.”


And with that, we left Harvey’s Potion Store behind us. A nice man who sells high-quality potions. It was no surprise that the guild recommended him.


  □   □   □   □


I suddenly started to feel cold as we walked back to the inn. And that brought back a memory of something Daniela and I had talked about. It was nearing the icesnow season.


“Indeed. Snow will fall and the temperature will drop. Our travels will be much harder when the lakes freeze and our limbs grow cold.”


So, we would need winter clothes. Well, Daniela did have her new cape from the Emperor, and I could use ice magic and also wore ice dragon armor. Still, I was worried. It seemed like a good idea to buy some, just in case.


“I do not need anything. I have my jade wind dragon cape.”

“Yeah-yeah. It’s very pretty.”


I said irritably as Daniela smugly pulled it out of her bracelet and threw it over her shoulders. I wanted a cape too. While my magic allowed me to adjust the temperature a little, it used energy. It would be best to not rely on it.


“I think I’ll buy something…”

“I hope you find something as good as my jade wind dragon cape.”

“There’s no way that I will…”


I’d be worried about the state of the world if I found one so easily. But even if my standards weren’t that high, I did want a good one. In this world, investing in the wrong thing could lead to grave consequences. So I wanted something that was warm but also effective in terms of defense.


And for that reason, we soon found ourselves in the Solitude store.


“I’m looking for a cape to keep me warm.”

“This is quite sudden.”


I just knew that I’d find what I was looking for here. It didn’t matter when I came. I knew it was a long shot, but surely it wouldn’t be a miss…


“Also, with high defense.”

“Ah… Uh, just wait one moment.”


Miss Amarilith said as she crossed her arms and disappeared in the back. I could hear her muttering to herself all the while. Good. It seemed like she had something. The fact that she had stuff left over when I had come out of nowhere was pretty impressive. I had assumed that many people would be buying capes in preparation for the cold season. Just like how air conditioners and fans get sold out during the summer. But then again, prices were pretty high here, so maybe that kept them at bay.

I considered all of this while looking at Daniela, who was thoughtfully staring at some cute clothes; and I waited for Miss Amarilith to return. 

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