Jack of all Trades – 265

Labyrinth Disaster


Miss Amarilith came back after about ten minutes. She was holding some very expensive-looking cloth… It was a cape.


“Unfortunately, it’s not made of dragon materials.”


She said with a chuckle. We may have been in the Imperial Capital, but that didn’t mean they just had dragon capes lying around. Still, what she was holding looked pretty impressive. It was pure white. 


“The fibers are beautiful. What is this made of?”

“It is made from the web of spiders that live in the snow fields.”


“Yes. The ‘Snow Arachne.’ They are half spider and half human.”

“I see…”


I always thought those demi-humans were cute. Not that I would tell Daniela. Besides, they tended to be rather vicious in this world. They were monsters, after all. Sometimes I wondered what would happen if it was possible to communicate. Still, that wasn’t realistic.


“Are they pretty?”



But I was curious. Even the promise of an angry glare from Daniela could not stop me.


“Hmm? Snow Arachnes are male.”



But I thought Arachnes were female!? Who named them!?


“Well, it is said that they are handsome. Perhaps you should be careful they don’t take Daniela.”

“I have no use for other men.”


Daniela said flatly. While those words made me happy, the stony look in her eye dampened the effect a little. 

In any case, I picked up the cape and looked at it. It felt nice. So, this texture was the result of some handsome guy’s webs… 

It was better to not think about it. 

Regardless of its origins, it was a high-quality product.


“How is it in terms of protecting you from the cold and physical attacks?”

“It’s the best I have, currently. It should be warm and very durable. It is also waterproof and does not get dirty very easily.”

“I was never going to insist on a dragon cape, but there really are other good ones, huh?”


My first full set had been dragon, and it had helped me through many battles. So in a way, it had narrowed my idea of what was reliable. I would have to fix that. We were going dungeon crawling. We would have to use whatever we could, regardless of what it was made of if we wanted to survive.


“I’ll take it then.”

“Thank you. It is eighteen in gold.”

“That’s rather cheap.”

“No, it is just dragon that is expensive.”


I see. I see. There weren’t many people who could fight and win against those things. Not only that, but there weren’t even that many dragons out there. Most Adventurers would get by with equipment made by ordinary monsters. And eighteen in gold wasn’t actually cheap.


“Thank you!”


I took the money out of my wallet and handed it to her. Miss Amarilith counted it carefully and then offered me the cape with a big smile on her face.


“By the way, seeing as you needed this, are you leaving the city?”

“Yes. We’re going to investigate the town to the south. We’ll have to return once to make a report…but after that…we haven’t exactly decided.”


I looked over to Daniela and she nodded. We would figure that out once we were finished with the investigation.


“So, we may never see each other again.”

“Maybe. But we’re very thankful for everything that you’ve done.”

“Oh, drop it. It’s all just business for me!”


She said with an embarrassed laugh. I doubted anyone else would have been able to repair my equipment. And it was the same with this cape. In a way, I had her to thank for my position in the tournament.


“Thank you. We’ll try to come back if we can.”

“I see. Maybe business will be good enough that I’ll have a bigger store by then. You won’t have any trouble finding me then.”


She offered her hand and I shook it. The hands of crafters were always bigger than they seemed. 

I then put on the cape and pulled my hood out from under it. Hmm, the color suited me well. Once I was finished, I looked to the side on saw Daniela saying her farewells to Miss Amarilith.


“Goodbye then.”

“Aye, be careful!”


We closed the door and left Solitude behind us. The best tailor in the capital. I would advise any new visitors to the city to give it a look. I’m sure they will find something that is perfect for them.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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