Jack of all Trades – 117

Joining Up in the Burned Down Village


One thing we realized once we came closer, was that the entire village had been burned. It was horrible…pillaging, abducting and arson…

It seemed so thorough for orcs. No, it would have been ordered. But there was something surprising about that level of leadership.




I descended near the center of the burned down village while carrying Daniela. We made ourselves known by calling out to them, but they still reached for their weapons with surprise.


“Who are you! Where did you come from!?”

“Wai-, we’re not enemies! Don’t attack us!”

“They look suspicious…”


They gave us murderous glares. I put Daniela on the ground and dropped my sword before raising my hands in the air. It was to show that I wouldn’t resist, but I wasn’t sure it would get through to them…


“We have no intention of harming you!”

“How do we know you aren’t just trying to lower our guards!?”

“Believe us!”


The other Adventurers who had been inspecting the houses heard the commotion and gathered around. There were several among them who I had seen near the south gate. Perhaps they would understand.


“What, what’s going on?”

“Please listen to us! We did not come to hurt you!”

“Hm? Ah, why if it isn’t Silvergreen. I have met him at the guild. He’s no enemy.”


Oh, so there was someone who recognized me. Great!


“Oh? But I don’t remember you being part of the hunting party?”

“Indeed, I didn’t see him during our journey here…”

“But I do remember seeing him at the gate. Him and Lightwind.”


More and more sightings were brought up. At this point, the Adventurers who were still cautious finally decided to listen. Their hands moved away from their swords.


“So it looks like you are not enemies.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry for surprising you. Thank you for believing us.”

“No, it is just…this village…it has put us on edge. I am sorry.”


I was offered a conciliatory hand and we shook on it. At least it had ended quickly. One wrong move and we might have been attacked. The Adventurer who had been the most suspicious then introduced himself.


“I’m Virgil. I was given command of this party. A Jade.”

“Asagi. Garnet. We came here to investigate the southern valley.”


The Adventurer called Virgil tilted his head.


“The southern valley. You mean that valley that is on the way here? Then why are you here now?”

“That’s what we came to talk to you about. If you could gather all your men.”

“Your face suggests that this is an emergency…very well. I will do that!”


I thanked Virgil and then Daniela and I went over what needed to be said. The hole leading to this village, the base, information from witnesses, the orc nest. Daniela wanted to hurry up and relate all of this so we could move, but there were so many people. I doubted things would move along smoothly. I guess it depended on this Virgil’s ability as a leader…


□ □ □ □


10 minutes later, all of the Adventurers from the party gathered around upon hearing Virgil’s order. There were thirty in all. With this many men…I wonder, but we really had no idea how big the orc party was. Even if we were all strong as individuals, the power of united orcs was still unknown.


“First of all, thank you for gathering here.”


Daniela said as she took one step forward and scanned the group of men.


“I am Daniela. A Jade. Also known by the name, Lightwind. This is Asagi, my partner.”



As I gave a curt bow, I could hear the rumbling of the crowd. The quiet mutterings of ‘Lightwind’ and ‘Silvergreen’ were proof of just how much this horrible name had spread.


“We were out investigating the southern valley. I am sure you have all heard rumors of it? When the mists become thin, strange figures are known to appear.”


The listening Adventurers started to nod and ask each other about the rumors. This stalled things, and so I coughed loudly to regain their attention.


“Here is our conclusion. Those figures were orcs.”

“Do you have proof?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. How about telling them you are Silvergreen and Lightwind in the first place and you are an adventurer, unlike just telling them you have no intention of harming them.

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