Jack of all Trades – 79

Forest Post Town

Due to Asagi’s error in the beginning, the forest goblin was aware of the existence of the opposing team, and he howled with rage as it swung with its longs claws. On closer inspection, its arms were also longer than the typical goblin. The heavy looking claws and extended arms gave its attacks weight and momentum, and that was not to be underestimated. It was an attack that would kill most goblins in one hit.


“Leave those claws to me!”


Daniela shouts then runs even faster. She wanted me to attack while she blocked. That shouldn’t be too hard, we had great teamwork.


“Got it!”


I reply. I hold my sword behind me as I run so that it does not get caught in the branches around us. The forest goblin is now right up ahead.


It continues to howl and snarl at us, but I could tell that its eyes were sharp, it was waiting for the right moment to attack. A smart one, he was. He was much more intelligent than your average goblin.




Daniela and the goblin were now both within striking distance. The goblin’s right hand came down, Daniela quickly blocked and pressed it upwards. Seeing my chance, I increase my speed and swing with my sword, all the while twisting my body so as to keep Daniela out of the blade’s course. The flash of the sword goes through its left shoulder and out the bottom, taking away the entire arm.




The forest goblins shrieks with pain. The kobold blade had cleanly cut through its joints. It didn’t even feel like I had gone through bone, and the sword wasn’t chipped at all. I had a feeling that I had finally reached my goal in terms of swordsmanship. I felt a little bad to have reached this point just as I had acquired this new sword, but I was thinking that it was now time to switch over to a new kind of weapon.




It swung its remaining right arm, using its last form of resistance to attack me. I use the flat of my blade to block it and strike upwards. Daniela came in just in time, sliding her thin sword into the open space.




She shouts as the tip of her sword pierces through the forest goblins throat.




Blood clogged its throat as the air escaped him. The goblin crumbled to the ground as it struggled like a drowning man. Then it stopped moving altogether. We won. Our first fight here.


“Hahh… Good work, Daniela.”

“Aye, you as well. Asagi.”


We bumped our fists together as was the custom. We had both come out completely unharmed again. We had been through many battles together, and at this point, it was tangible, just how much we were improving. Eventually, we would be able to communicate with just eye contact, which would save time. Plus, there was something beautiful about being able to really understand each other.


Now, about this guy. What to do…


“Proof of the hunt. I do not know, as I have never fought these before.”

“You’d think it would be the claws, but then again, maybe it’s the fangs.”

“Hmmm… We should take both then.”


Well, that was the safe bet. And so we took both the claws and fangs and stuffed them in an empty leather bag. The claws were so big that they filled the bag. After discussing it with Daniela, we decided that this would be the only one we hunt, and we’d let the rest go.


“Now, should we continue to the empire? …Oh, wait, I guess we’re already in it.”

“Indeed. Our true destination is the imperial capital of Flugelnia, Vellefrost.”

“Vellefrost…nice name.”

“It is the name of their first emperor.”


Hmm… Did people like having capitals named after them? Like, Asagi City perhaps? I’d die of embarrassment.


“Well, Vellefrost is still quite far away. We will have to go through several towns and villages to reach it.”

“Got it. We should stop by if there are any Adventurer’s Guilds on the way. I’d like to find out what the proof is for monsters here.”

“Of course.”


Our destination was the imperial capital of Vellefrost. Ah, how exciting!


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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