Jack of all Trades – 78

Farewell, Alessa

Everything was solved. The matter was settled by adding to the sentence of the escaped slaves. I definitely had some opinions about the neglect that led to all of this, but Backus was unable to do anything about it. And we were on our way out, so there little point in saying anything. I was the victim, but also an outsider.

Asagi Kamiyashiro would stay cool and leave.


“Well then, thank you for everything.”

“You have my thanks for taking care of my partner.”


We left the room and bowed. Everything had been resolved nicely, thanks to Backus.


“No, I am terribly sorry about what happened. You are welcome back here any time. Of course, it will be safer then.”


I believed that he could do it. Even those men who had fallen into slavery, they would surely strive to change. I’d like to think that they would see what I had done for them.

Well, probably not…


“We’ll be going now.”

“Ah, but did you not have one other person with you…”



I had completely forgotten about her ever since Daniela arrived. She was also a victim that had become involved in this because of me. Just as I started looking around, she came out of a different door and our eyes met.




She called and approached us. Without a pause, she wrapped herself around my arm and pressed her chest into my body.


“Ohh, it was so frightening… Come on, let us return. Those slaves didn’t do anything to me directly, so I had nothing to say. Quite generous of me, huh?”


She said with a self-satisfied grin and managed to press herself into me even harder. I felt a chill crawl up my spine. My back was sweating.


“Uh…Lisa. Could you get off of me?”

“Oh? But why? Don’t you like what you see?”


I won’t say no. But, just stop. And stop moving so much. I was susceptible to such attacks.


“You two seem to get along very well, Asagi.”

“No, we don’t. I’d be grateful if she’d let me go.”

“What are you saying! You don’t look like you want to get away?”

“Oh? Is that so, Asagi?”

“Let me go!”


Backus pulled me out of there before it got out of hand. Stay away from that bust. Yeah, that would be my new motto. And with that thought, we returned to the inn.


□   □   □   □


“Thank you for a pleasant stay.”



We returned our keys and listened to the innkeeper’s indifferent reply. Well, I suppose we would stay here again if we ever came back. We knew one of his employees after all.


“Asagi, you just had a wicked thought, did you not?”

“Daniela, whatever could you be talking about?”


I ignored the piercing glare as we left the inn behind us. Lisa had other affairs to attend to, so we had already said farewell to her at the guard house.


“I’m sorry that you got involved in our mess.”

“Oh, it is nothing to be so concerned about. You do have some rotten luck, though.”

“Well, it’s all finished now. I’ll just think of it as the pesky homework that suddenly appears near the end of summer vacation.”

“I don’t understand that analogy at all. But you take care. As for you miss. Maybe you’d like to sleep with me next time you visit? I can swing both ways you know.”

“Let’s go, Daniela.”

“Aye, lets.”

“Come back soon!”

Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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