Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 22

This Is The Life

The carriage came to a halt.


“We’ve arrived in Garonce. Do you folks have an inn to stay at?”


The driver asked them. Kaider quickly replied.


“Not yet. Is there an inn here that we can take these children to?”

“They were all packed because of the Saintesses recently, but I think there should be some that are open today. I would recommend the White Horse Inn up ahead. Well, it is really the only place.”

“Sounds good.”


Let’s go then. Just then, there was a loud fluttering of wings and a bird person descended.


“You! Why?”

“I could ask you the same question.”


Kaider and the bird person glared at one another. The bird person looked away with a turn of his nose and addressed the two children.


“I could carry you to the inn.”

“Uh, no thank you. It’s supposed to be close by.”

“I could carry you to the next town.”

“No, it’s too late tonight.”

“But I can fly during the night.”

“Night is for sleeping.”

“But I would really like to carry you to the inn.”


Chiharu and Maki looked at each other. Well, this was typical of a bird person. Yeah.


“Maki, uh, I mean, Norfe. Are we moving on tomorrow?”

“No, I think we should stay here for a day, because of how thick the miasma is.”



Chiharu looked at the bird person and said:


“We’ll be here tomorrow, so can you carry us then? We’ll come here after breakfast.”

“Tomorrow. Alright. Just call if you get in any trouble, someone will come.”

“Thank you.”


The bird person flew away. The driver looked at them curiously.


“Are you two friends with that bird man?”

“I think he’s a friend of a friend.”

“Huhhh, I’ve never seen one up this close before. They are an impressive sight.”

“Yes, but just in appearance. Okay, well, we’ll be going to the inn now!”

“Aye, be careful.”



Kaider called frantically.


“We’re going to the same inn. It’ll be easier if we go together.”

“Oh, that’s right. Let’s go then.”


And so the five of them went towards the inn together. Apparently, it wasn’t unusual for children to travel alone, and so the two were able to smoothly get a room together. Meals were served in the dining hall on the first floor.


“Hey, over here!”


Kaider called them over to their table. They looked for the menu.


“These places generally don’t have menus. You have one choice, which is whatever they want to serve.”


“I see.”

“We’ll take four plates of what you recommend, and two cups of apple wine!”

“What!” “What!”

“Eh? Can’t we have a little wine?”

“Then I’ll have some too.”


The brother said.


“It ain’t for children.”

“But, isn’t there no age restriction here?”

“You won’t grow if you drink, you know?”


“You kids should stick to cider. Two ciders please!”


The two children looked very annoyed. Perhaps they wanted to be treated like adults now. Nyran chuckled.


They were quickly served some stew, bread and some sort of meat. The children’s portions were much smaller. Maki and Chiharu quietly ate spoonfuls of stew. It had a complex yet rich taste. Large chunks of vegetables and meat were inside. A part of them wanted some chopsticks.


“You can use that knife there, yes, cut the meat into smaller pieces. Yes, like that.”


The kind dwarf instructed as they ate. They couldn’t finish the bread and meat, so they gave their meat to Kaider and Nyran. The younger sister wrapped her bread in a handkerchief to take back. Now the two children stared wistfully at the apple wine. Still, they seemed to enjoy their cider well enough.


“So, will you be heading to the next town tomorrow?”


Kaider asked the older brother.


“No, we will stay here for one day. And then leave the next day.”

“Then why did you need to hurry to Garonce?”

“Abrupt change is part of the nature of traveling. But why are you two leaving tomorrow?”


Norfe asked. It seemed to Kaider that it was normal for people to go and rely on people who were headed in the same direction. But these two children seemed to be different. But why? Kaider was a little annoyed by this.


“Well, we do actually have to stop by the capital before going to Gromble.”

“But, Nyran…”

“And it’s not as if you two know that your cousin is there for sure, right? If you have the money, why don’t you just stop by the capital of Grid for a while? I know a safe and cheap inn.”


They didn’t look convinced. Nyran continued.


“This is the country of blacksmiths. They know how to use fire, and they make the best cooking tools. The capital has the finest steamed and roasted meats, and the biggest variety of baked pastries.”


Ah, that did the trick. They had a very different look in their eyes now.


“We weren’t taught any of that.”


Is that right?


“There are also hot springs in the towns along the way.”

“Hot springs?”



Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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