Jack of all Trades – 78


With that being settled, we had no reason to stay here for another second. But I had the feeling that I’d forgotten something. Well, it couldn’t be important if it slipped my mind.

It was just as I was thinking this, and walking with Daniela down the southern road, that a voice called out to us.


“Mister Asagi! Miss Daniela!”



I looked in the direction the voice was coming from, and saw a man standing by a horse-drawn carriage. Ahh, that’s right. Forgot all about him. Nick, from the Paw Armor Shop. I think we arrived in town with him? The slave incident made me forget everything else.


“I heard all about it. You’ve been rolling slaves in the dirt?”

“I’m not some sadist playing with his toys. No. I just neutralized them after being attacked!”

“I don’t see the difference.”

“There is a huge difference.”


My protestation did little to persuade him. I sighed. Apparently, he now saw me as some kind of cruel tyrant.


“Ah, are you leaving then?”

“Yeah, we’re headed to the southern empire.”

“Is that so! Well, I would be much obliged if you continue to advertise my store, in your new location!”

“Leave it to me.”


I couldn’t tell him that I had forgotten all about that. So I make a show of knocking on my ice dragon breastplate. Nick smiles with much satisfaction, and I feel a pang of guilt. But hey, there was no point in advertising here. I’m sure I’ll remember to do it in the empire, which would be much more effective anyway. Yes.

After that forced justification, we said our farewells and went our separate ways.


We told the guard at the southern mountain gate that we were leaving, and a small door to the side was opened for us.


“Eh? They opened the large gates for us when we came in.”

“Ah, that. That was the captain acting all grandiose. This gate is just about the only impressive sight in this town, and he likes to make a show of it to newcomers.”

“Ah…well, it is a mining town…”

“Exactly. Have a pleasant journey!”


A gate that is only opened for him to show off, huh… Maybe it’ll become a famous landmark one day…


□ □ □ □


We traveled along a valley path that was much like the one we crossed when coming here. These mountains would take a week to pass usually, but it was nothing when you just had to follow the straight beaten path. Other than being wary of the cliff eagles, anyway. It only took us a few hours to get through.


When we were through the Alexia mountain ranges, we would be on the opposite side of Spiris…in other words, the Lambrusen Republic. We were on the side of the Flugelnia Empire now. There were forests here, offering only an obstructed view of the sky. While the road here wasn’t paved, it was hardened earth, and yet the trees grew through it as it were normal soil.

According to Daniela, these trees were called berulu, and they grew so as to cast shadows everywhere. This prevented grass and other plants from growing, making them sound somewhat dangerous. But the trees were good for harvesting a very sweet sap. In fact, berulu sap was synonymous with sweetness in the empire. An empire of parades and sweets? Talk about slacking off. Was this empire’s military filled with a bunch of cowards?


Daniela suddenly stopped as I was silently insulting the empire and military that I had yet to actually see. In the same moment, Presence Detection told me that a monster was nearby.


“What kind of monsters lives in this area?”

“I do not know. It is my first time in this region as well. And I have never felt this presence before.”


Daniela unsheathed her sword, and I took out my sword that was made from the assault kobold’s fangs and claws. We slowly moved towards the place where the monster should be.

It would be harder to hide in a forest with no grass or bushes. Moreso for the monster, as we soon found it between two trees. It was licking the trunk of the tree that was bleeding sap. Even the monsters loved it, eh? Was it taking some home?


“It looks like a goblin.”

“It is too dark to tell for sure… But I do remember reading about them once. It is likely a forest goblin.”

“Sounds like an accurate description… Anything we should be wary of?”

“They are supposed to have claws that allow them to climb trees. And they double as weapons.”


So they don’t use swords? Then I won’t be able to sell them. Useless shits!

“Alright, let’s get a little closer and kill it. This will be the first of our prey after entering Flugelnia. Let’s be careful.”

“Aye, watch your feet, Asagi.”

“What’s that? As if this veteran would make such a mista-”


“…-I had such delusions once.”

“Oh, you stupid bastard.”


Daniela dashed forward, and I frantically chased after her.

I am Asagi Kamiyashiro. Silvergreen.

And I’m doing my best.

Thank you.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Daniela should learn from Belldandy. When a woman glomp your man, you smile while creating a magical storm around you.

  2. HAHAHAHA, that ending was good. Come on Asagi you had the choice of reaching the heavenly threeway Nirvana and you are runing away from it???? COWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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