Jack of all Trades – 245

Light Dew’s Power


When I thought of nobles, I thought of people who like to throw their weight around. Money talks, and all that… 

And watching Alenbia did little to rid me of those prejudices. In spite of her low rank, she had great equipment and could use high-level magic. Courtesy of hiring skilled teachers, I presume.




Another eight arrows shot towards Levee.




However, Levee hit them out of the air with little effort. She was called ‘Light Dew’ for a reason. Her thrusts had all the precision required to knock the ice arrows out of the air.


“So, it’s no use after all.”


Alenbia said through gritted teeth. She maintained a level of class while also showing a vicious side. The spectators seemed to love it.


She hit her staff against the ground and sent blue magical energy through it. Levee watched this with glee. However, she wasn’t letting her guard down. She was just looking forward to seeing what kind of attack it would be.


“How about this…!”


The energy gathered together at the tip. The mana robbed the heat from the moisture in the air as it formed. It was a block of ice that was at least one meter in diameter.


“Frost Meteor!!”


The finished Frost Meteor went towards Levee in a straight line. I always thought of meteors as things that fell… But this was like a truck running at full speed.

Still, a threat is a threat. It wasn’t something you could just smash with a sword…


“That’s what I like about you. But…”


The Frost Meteor shot toward Levee as she muttered to herself.


“That’s not good enough.”


She raised her sword arm until the blade was level with her face. Her elbows pulled back, she took aim, and thrust. That was all that I saw. A mere thrust. A thrust…


“Are you serious…”


And with that, the block of ice split into two pieces. The ice flew passed her and off the stage. The spectators screamed as it shot towards them. Thankfully, it stopped just in time. 


I looked back at the stage. Levee had returned to her normal posture. Alenbia looked on in disbelief.


“No…my strongest spell…”

“I might have lost had I underestimated you, due to your rank. But, well… As I was looking forward to this fight, I did not hold back or underestimate you in any way. Still, you need more in order to beat me. Spamming magic will not do. I would suggest that you think of a strategy next time. You are too predictable. Surprise me. Entertain me.”


There was a silent madness in her speech. A madness for battle. The fact that she was so calm about it somehow made it more unsettling.


“A match lasts fifty minutes. We still have thirty-seven minutes remaining. So, let’s enjoy it until the end.”



Levee smiled gently, while Alenbia took a step back and scowled.

I had thought Alenbia had a short temper, but there was no longer any anger to be seen.


  □   □   □   □


The rest of the battle was atrocious. Adlus muttered about it being child’s play, and he was unfortunately right. It was that bad.


She launched dozens of ice arrows into the air, and all of them were struck down. As were her ice boulders that rained from above. She even tried building walls of ice, but they too were smashed. Once, she tried to freeze the ground her opponent stood on, but Levee only had to send the same energy into the ground in order to cancel it. Once Alenbia realized that ranged attacks would not work, she created an ice blade at the tip of her staff. However, her abilities in close-quarters combat were not good enough, and she could never hit her target.

Finally, she shouted angrily and created a blizzard with all of her power. But Levee also canceled it out.

I had been wondering if Alenbia had a trump card. That blizzard was probably it. I would have probably been very shocked by it. But I would have still dodged it. However, Levee didn’t move out of the way. She just annihilated it.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when you hit a spell with the same amount of energy. Levee did it so casually that Alenbia had to admit defeat. She had used everything and still lost. She fell weakly to her knees. At the same time, the referee announced that the fight had ended.


Fifty minutes. Levee had enjoyed every moment of it. She was soon announced as the winner.


Alenbia rose weakly to her feet and walked up to Levee before falling into her arms. She had probably been drained after using so much magic. At least, that’s what it looked like… Alenbia was looking at the ground with eyes that seemed scared. She couldn’t even look Levee in the face.


“Hehe. It was interesting.”


Levee said as she came back to her seat. She was still holding Alenbia and helped her sit down. She looked terribly uncomfortable. Well, it was none of my business.

As for the actual fight… There had been a lot of magic that I’d not seen before. Even something as simple as creating ice boulders to throw was something I had yet to do. I hadn’t even thought of doing it. And the blizzard… Using it to slowly bring the temperature down and dull their movements… It could work.

Levee had been great with the ice rapier as well. She cut down blocks of ice and ice spears as if it were nothing. Seeing both of their styles had been enlightening. I was glad to have watched it. Now, I just needed some time with Jack of all Trades, Master of None.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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