Jack of all Trades – 149

Differences in the way we think. What I felt on that day.


I felt guilty. Well then, what did I have to do to get rid of it?


We managed to find a relatively dry patch of dirt where we were able to lay down a blanket. It was there that we huddled together and waited for the morning. Daniela was on the alert the whole time while I wallowed in my emotions.


This hollow bag that I had used all this time. It was also taken from bandits. But it was confiscated by guards as part of their job, which made the means completely standard.

But what of these boxes we had now? Was it right for any random Adventurer to take them?


The answer was no. There had been no quest issued for us to retrieve it. And so there was a part of me that insisted that what we were doing was nothing short of robbery. It had been on my mind for a while now.


I was an outsider who came from a very peaceful world. But Daniela had lived here ever since she was born.


We usually saw eye to eye on most things, so I was a little surprised to see how different our mindsets were on this matter.

It was something that we needed to talk about seriously. Thankfully, we had some time now.

And so I opened my mouth after deciding to speak.



“What, Asagi?”


The back of my nose hurt. Maybe I was just nervous.


“First, allow me to make my excuses.”

“Hm? What do you mean?”

“I’m not from here. I lived in a different world, and so there are fundamental differences in the way we think. I didn’t say much because I didn’t want you hate me.”

“Ah. Well, I do know how you feel.”

“Thank you. And so, it’s about those boxes…I don’t think we should keep them.”

“Hmm… You will have to explain this to me so I can understand.”


Daniela said as she stared at me. Ah, my hands were starting to sweat. I hated these kinds of things. We Japanese are not great when it comes to saying no. Conflict like this was usually to be avoided.

However, I told her what I had been thinking. I wanted her to know how I felt without looking away.


“…And so, because we did not acquire them by rightful means, we should pass it on to the town guards. If we want to continue to live with pride. That’s what I think.”

“…I see, yes. Asagi, your view is correct. I see nothing wrong with it. It is good. However, Nicora is known for being a dangerous place. What will you do if it turns out that the town guards are in league with the bandits?”


Of course, I had considered this myself. But…


“That is up to the empire to deal with. Even if it results in there being victims in the future, that would not be on us. Of course, if that happens right in front of us, I am prepared to kill those bandits.”

“So you are willing to risk the possibility that giving it to the guards may help the bandits in the long run?”

“Yes. I have to. If I want to continue to live as an upright person.”


Yes, ultimately it was all just for a sense of self-satisfaction. I didn’t want to think of myself as a criminal. I didn’t want others to think of me that way. I wanted to live with pride. I didn’t intend on shouldering all the responsibility even if it led to sadness for someone else. My way of thinking was nothing short of selfish.

I didn’t want to commit a crime. That’s all it was. And that mere wish had brought on a storm of emotion.

But as a human who had been brought up in a peaceful world, it was something I wanted to cling on to.


“…Asagi, I understand how you feel. It reminded me of something.”


“Aye… There was a time when I thought just like you.”


Daniela sighed and then chuckled.


“Living so long really does things to you…before you know it, things start to shift where your eyes cannot see.”

“But that’s how you’ve lived all this time, isn’t it? And there is nothing wrong with that at all.”

“Indeed… But just now, there is something righteous and blinding about you, Asagi. It makes me hate you a little.”


She said as she pinched my cheek. 


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. That was super lame. I hate overly righteous MCs. I have a seriously hard time relating to most Japanese MCs. He’s obviously gonna run into trouble by giving those boxes to the corrupt town guards.

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