Realist Demon King – 34

The Dwarf Spirit


Now that I had acquired the axe known as the Fire Dragon’s Tail, I quickly returned to the castle in order to start with the preparations.

I would put this and Gottlieb’s beard into the Klein bottle for Soul Summoning.


According to Eve, we had a thirty percent chance of being able to summon Gottlieb.


“I do not care if it is thirty or ten percent. If there is a possibility, I will do it.”


I wanted to have a drink with that dwarf again.

And so I put the ingredients into the Klein bottle.

The beard and axe.

At the same time, I sent magical energy into it.


Up until now, I had wished for soldiers or engineers as they were needed, but this time, I had a clear image of Gottlieb’s face as I filled it with magic.


What happened next was much the same as when I had summoned Hijikata.

A mystical aura enveloped the Klein bottle and smoke began to rise.

And then the smoke slowly started to take shape. I saw an old, fat man.

He was a dwarf.

I had succeeded.

But then I realized something.

Yes, the person who had come was Gottlieb.

He was just as fat and had a great beard.

However, something was wrong. And then I realized that it was because of something below the waist.

This revived Gottlieb had no legs.


“What does this mean?”


I asked him. But he looked just as troubled as me.


“I cannot answer that. I am just surprised that I am even here.”


Gottlieb likely didn’t have any memories past the explosion in the mines.

He didn’t know that he was being summoned.




As we stood there wondering, Eve explained it to us.


“Master. This chief of the dwarves has no legs. And his outline is faded. Is it not possible that he is a ghost?”


“A ghost? Are you?”


“I told you, I do not know.”


I tried touching him. My hand did not go through his body.


“But perhaps it is only because of your power? Master. I shall call for Hijikata then.”


When Eve returned with him, I ordered him to touch Gottlieb.

Toshizou looked very annoyed as he stretched out his hand. It went right through Gottlieb.

Toshizou was surprised now.


“Well, well. That is very strange.”


And with that, I and Gottlieb finally understood it.

That the resurrected Gottlieb was a ghost.


“What does this mean?”


I asked Eve. But she too was confused.


“…If I had to say, it must mean that the soul summoning was half a failure. Gottlieb is a Hero, but perhaps not quite heroic enough.”


“I can accept that explanation, young lady. I am no Hero.”


“Does that mean he was not summoned as a Hero, but an ordinary monster?”


“I believe so.”


And so to test this theory, I cast ‘Disclosure.’

With that, Gottlieb’s status appeared before me.


Name: Gottlieb

Rarity: Legend Rare ☆☆☆☆☆

Race: Dwarf Wraith, the ghost of a dwarf

Job: Chief, Engineer

Combat Ability: 0


realist demon king

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